The CCP Revisited 9, A Recap of the COVID-19 Outbreak

Authors: Education Group of M.O.S_Himalaya

Now, we will reconstruct the key points of the great pandemic from its outbreak to its sweep across the globe, and fill in the gaps based on the previous analysis of the nature of the CCP to help the reader make sense of the whole story.

First of all, the Chinese Communist Party has always taken Western society, especially the United States, as its greatest hypothetical enemy, and has been secretly engaged in research on chemical and biological weapons with the support of the former Soviet Union since the 1950s; after China’s accession to the WTO in 2000, it took advantage of exchanges and cooperation with Western countries to invest heavily in personnel training and laboratory construction.

Second, the predatory nature of the Chinese regime is unsustainable, as most Chinese know, and the CCP itself knows only too well. The question is, what will be the final straw that will crush the CCP regime? In hindsight, the straw was the U.S.-China trade war launched by President Donald Trump in 2018. As the trade war escalated, the CCP’s original mode of expansion became increasingly unsustainable. In 2019 alone, the CCP issued the same warning to the U.S. three times through its official media Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, and CCTV (in April, May, and November, respectively) that “don’t say that I haven’t warned you”. This warning is traditionally regarded as the highest level of diplomatic warning by the Communist Party, and is usually issued before launching a war or making a major policy shift.

On August 23, 2019, Trump tweeted that he intended to issue an executive order requiring U.S. companies to leave China, prompting strong opposition from the U.S. business community, which eventually forced Trump to abandon the idea.

On September 18, 2019, Wuhan held a customs emergency drill to prepare for the World Military Games next month, in which one item was to deal with “novel coronavirus” cases found in passengers!

In early December 2019, sporadic reports of Wuhan “SARS-like” cases began to appear on some Chinese self-media channels on YouTube.

At the end of December 2019, Dr. Limeng Yan, a researcher at the WHO P3 Reference Laboratory at the University of Hong Kong, received instructions from her superior to use her extensive contacts in the mainland to collect information about the Wuhan “SARS-like” virus. Based on the large amount of information collected from China and her own professional analysis, Dr. Yan quickly realized the severity of the problem, and she immediately reported her findings to her superior, only to be told that she may have crossed the Communist Party’s “red line”, and for safety reasons she must stop her work at hand and not disseminate any “negative” findings that are inconsistent with the official reports of the Communist Party.

On January 19, 2020, after receiving Ms. Yan’s information, Mr. Lu announced to the world for the first time through his YouTube channel that the SARS-like virus that occurred in Wuhan had close ties to the CCP’s military, that the virus could be transmitted from person to person, that it was highly mutagenic, and that it had the potential for a major outbreak.

On January 23, 2020, three days after Mr. Lu broke the truth about the Wuhan virus, the CCP announced the closure of the city. According to the CCP’s official figures, there were a total of 495 confirmed cases as of that day.

On January 31, 2020, President Trump announced a travel ban against China.

On April 2, 2020, the number of confirmed cases worldwide surpassed one million.

On June 28, 2020, the number of confirmed cases worldwide surpassed ten million.

On August 11, 2020, the number of confirmed cases surpassed 20 million worldwide.


First, the COVID-19 virus is either of natural origin or has been artificially modified. From the outbreak until today, all the CCP’s efforts to cover up the event have pointed to the latter possibility, which include 
(1) the initial uploading of the virus’ genetic data was deliberately falsified, repeatedly altered, and simply stopped after Jan. 22 without justification.
(2) Destroying samples of the virus.
(3) Punishing scientists who published the latest findings on the virus, even shutting down their labs.
(4) Refusing requests from foreign governments to investigate the source of the virus.
(5) Claiming the South China Seafood Market as the original site of the virus on the one hand, and hastily dismantling the market without an independent investigation on the other.
(6) Of course, the most critical was the revelation of Dr. Yan, a core staff member of WHO’s P3 reference laboratory at the University of Hong Kong. In order to uncover the truth, Dr. Yan had to risk reprisals or even murder by the Chinese Communist Party by secretly escaping to the United States under the arrangement of Mr. Lu and the Whistle-blowing Movement, which is found and led by Mr. Guo.

Second, the Chinese Communist Party deliberately introduced the virus to the world, and this happened in plain sight before the eyes of the world’s people. Two months passed from the discovery of the first known case in early December 2019 to the travel ban issued by the United States on January 31, 2020. The Chinese Communist Party knew from the beginning that the virus is highly contagious, yet not only did they hide it, but they misled the world by releasing false information through the WHO officials whom they had bribed long before (through the BGY/G program). Moreover, when the United States took the lead in announcing the travel ban, they accused the United States of violating WHO recommendations and interfered with other governments’ judgment of the situation, wasting a valuable window of time and turning an otherwise manageable outbreak into a global pandemic. This can in no way be explained by mistakes, but by a deliberate attempt to use the virus to wage war on the world Sadly, almost one year after it happened, how many people around the world know that the WHO, whom they regard as their patron saint, has blatantly trampled underfoot the most basic professional ethics of doctors in saving lives! How many people know that the Chinese Communist Party has been planning for decades to start a biological war! In this sense, the CCP has achieved unprecedented success! (The main reason for the success of the CCP’s sneak attack, as mentioned above, lies in the fact that no one in the world, except for very few Chinese, sees the demonic nature of the CCP, while still treating it as a human organization! Just take a look at the fact that the US was still negotiating agreements with the CCP until January 15! What civilized Americans don’t understand was that agreements only bind humans, but not the evil CCP!!!)

On the other hand, we are not without good news. The revelation of the heroic scientist Dr. Yan has cracked a gaping hole in the Chinese Communist Party’s evil plan, and her successful escape has opened the door for the people of the world to unite and settle the accounts of the Chinese Communist Party’s heinous crimes. The reckoning has begun, and the end of the evil CCP is near.

Third, we still lack definitive evidence as to whether the CCP deliberately released the virus in the first place. Here are three speculations for our readers’ reference: (1) The Communist Party lost control of the virus when it conducted “experiments” on specific groups of people to test the virus’ function. (2) The CCP used the World Military Games to infect U.S. soldiers participating in the event so that they could bring the virus back to the U.S., infecting the U.S. Military and weakening their combat effectiveness. (3) The CCP deliberately released the virus as a “punishment” for the people of Hong Kong, but by mistake, the virus was brought back to China by those who were infected. 


1, ‘Don’t say we didn’t warn you’: A phrase from China signals the trade war could get even worse—a-phrase-from-china-signals-the-trade-war-could-get-even-worse.html

2, Video: During a visit to China, a WHO senior official was filmed by journalists stroking a woman’s back at a meeting.

3, Video: Analysis of the source of the CCP virus by Mr. Quan, starting at the 15th minute when he talks about the US-China trade war as the most likely cause of a bioweapon attack. (CHN)

4, Wuhan Local News reported on September 18, 2019, on a drill in preparation for the World Military Games, which “simulated the entire process of handling a case of a novel coronavirus infection found in the customs corridor at the airport.”(“本次演练以实战形式,模拟了机场口岸通道发现1例新型冠状病毒感染的处置全过程”) (CHN)

5, China Told Labs to Destroy Coronavirus Samples to Reduce Biosafety Risks.

6,Chinese laboratory that first shared coronavirus genome with world ordered to close for ‘rectification’, hindering its Covid-19 research.

(to be continued)

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