The CCP Revisited 8, Unrestricted Warfare

Authors: Education Group of M.O.S_Himalaya

Unrestricted warfare is nothing new, much less a sign of civilization’s progress! On the contrary, it is a great trap that pulls civilization from its advanced stage back to the jungle age! By contrast, traditional warfare can be seen as the result of civilizational progress, for it at least limits the boundaries of warfare, distinguishing between the front and the rear, combatants and civilians, and minimizes the impact of war on the majority of the population.

Unrestricted warfare, on the other hand, violently subverts all the boundaries of traditional warfare by turning literally every domain into a battlefield and every member of society into a combatant. In other words, if traditional warfare is warfare fought within a specific scope and by specific means, unrestricted warfare has no limits at all in terms of scope and means. That the end justifies the means is the essence of unrestricted warfare, which brings not only escalation of war, but also devastating damage to the credit system on which human society is based.

Although the Chinese Communist Party is not the inventor of unrestricted warfare, it is the only ruling party that has promoted unrestricted warfare with all the resources of a country. Keep in mind it has for decades controlled the world’s largest population, and the second largest economy after the United States.

To understand why the CCP is so keen on unrestricted warfare, one must fully understand its unprincipled, devilish nature. Normal human minds start with a few basic principles, namely, core values, and then work their way up to construct ideas and draw conclusions that guide their daily words and actions. However, the CCP has never been an organization of normal people. Instead, it is a devil organization that turns normal people into demons. The devilish nature of the CCP makes it impossible for it to coexist with civilized society in the long run, so when conditions are not yet ripe, it creates elaborate illusions to confuse the outside world. However, when the situation demands it, it will tear off its disguise at any time, catching people off guard. Typical examples include, in addition to the organ harvesting and serum injections described above, the manipulation of stock market transactions through the underlying software, the infiltration and buying of Western media as part of its propaganda strategy, and the deliberate channeling of the CCP virus into the international community earlier this year to create a global pandemic. 

A Puzzling Past:2015 Tianjin Explosion, the Third Nuclear Explosion?

On August 12, 2015, a super-explosion occurred in the northern Chinese port city of Tianjin. According to the official explanation afterwards, the explosion was caused by localized high temperatures due to improper management of hazardous chemicals.

But it’s not as simple as it looks.

This was the headline of a US NBC report the day after the explosion:Tianjin, China Explosions Like ‘Nuclear Bomb’: American Witness.

And the headline of a report in the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong on the same day: Is this a nuclear bomb?

Note that the South China Morning Post’s parent company is Alibaba Group, which is controlled by the Chinese super-rich Jack Ma who has close ties to the Communist Party’s top brass. Bear in mind that when a newspaper with as deep a political background in China as the SCMP raises questions, she’s certainly not speculating, but must be pointing to something real, or even already have some kind of inside information.

Two weeks later, on August 27, reported in depth that several nuke experts had confirmed that the Tianjin blast was caused by a nuclear explosion.

Of course, most media outlets, including Wikipedia, have followed the official CCP narrative.

In May 2020, a princeling who had served in the top ranks of the CCP revealed in a YouTube video that the 2015 Tianjin explosion was caused by a small nuclear bomb and that it was the result of political infighting within the top ranks and a desperate attempt by Xi’s political opponents to get rid of him. (Note: The princelings refer to the descendants of those high-ranking Communist Party officials who made notable military achievements before 1949.)

Due to insufficient evidence, we will not draw any conclusion on this. But as Chinese who grew up under Communist rule, our common sense and intuition from years of dealing with Communists tells us that if nuclear weapons could help them out, they would not hesitate to use them. Don’t forget that this political infighting is directly related to the redistribution of wealth in the trillions. At the same time, it is also in line with the CCP’s essential characteristic of doing things without any principles.

If you are interested in this topic, we recommend that you search for reports, videos, and analyses of the Tianjin bombings and make your own conclusion. 


1, In 2017, Miles Guo first exposed the CCP’s deadly “3F plan” against the US at a presser, in which Guo predicted a dire scenario: “…it will cause an enormous harm to the American, and their lives and properties…it might be 100, even 1000 times worse than 9/11.” Please note this speech was made nearly three years ago, and compare it to the current state of America as a result of the CCP virus.


2, Tianjin, China Explosions Like ‘Nuclear Bomb’: American Witness

3, ‘Is this a nuclear bomb?’

4, Experts Confirmed Tianjin Blast Was Nuclear

5, The inside story about the 2015 Tianjin explosion by a top-brass CCP princeling, starting at minute 21. (CHN)

(to be continued)

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people

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Thanks again for this report and I hope that there will be ways and opportunities to spread out all of your informations to all of the people on our globe that they shall know and will understand about the truth of crime founded by the CCP and developed almost to perfection.