What is a Real Chinese – Part 3

When we understand what is called China, we will know the criteria for being a Chinese, that is, to have the greatest Dao in mind, and to dress and behave like Miles Guo. A person with great wisdom and the greatest Dao in mind, dressing appropriately, being polite and courteous, reflecting cultivation and respect for others, and paying attention to beauty inside and out, deserves the words “Zhong Hua” that is a real Chinese. Therefore, Chinese is a very lofty title, which is not easy to achieve because it not only matches the Way of the Cosmos, but also human nature. Every single conduct must comply with the Chinese traditional culture, and must keep with the aspiration of the human beings as well. Everything is to benefit others and bring happiness to others, which is called the doctrine of righteousness, the Humane Way.

From this perspective, how can we Chinese create a positive image? How to win the respect of the world? Is it enough to be a real Chinese?  I believe Miles Guo is trying to make all the Chinese people like him, restore humanity, return to divinity, and eliminate the poison planted by the CCP that is the ideology of animality and devility. While the righteousness is not that easy to realize, we need a system of right path, like Miles Guo, to enhance our inner self. In this respect, there is a very big gap between Miles and us. Even those backstage people, politicians, the Wall Street bigwigs, and senior figures in different fields, none of them could compare with Miles Guo in terms of realm, vision, courage, and wisdom.  Miles is very far-sighted in proposing the righteousness, which is the essentially unique doctrine and ideology that will save the Chinese and the world in the New-Era. It is also a life education that promotes the comprehensive enhancement of our inner self.

Our ancestors have left us very precious cultural heritages. As long as we tap into these resources and treasures, we could be as awesome as Miles Guo, would not be great? Therefore, our top priority is to find our roots, which are our cultural identity, national identity and sense of national pride, so that we can become real Chinese, enhance our self-cultivation, and learn from Miles Guo, to reveal Chinese culture to the world, benefit our real Chinese and win the respect of the world.  


Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Manor Canada – 2020/10/07

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people