The power of truth: Dr Li-Meng Yan interview questions collection

Updated date: 07 October 2020

By: XO 酱

Dr Li-Meng Yan, a defector scientist from the Hong Kong P3 virology lab. She left Hong Kong to tell the world the truth of Covid19: it is a virus created by the Chinese government in a lab, then released to the world.

Here are all the interviews she did with English speaking media, questions that she answered. Listen to her answers directly.

This catalogue will be updated as time goes.

Questions are labelled with below categories for easy search:

1. Truth and origin of Covid-19

2. CCP Cover-up and mishandling

3. Personal experiences and plans

4. Criticism

5. Solution to the pandemic

6. China and Chinese Communist Party

Fox News 07 Oct 2020

  1. 00:49 I am sorry to hear about your mother, please tell us what you can about where she is and what’s happened [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  2. 03:00 You are a physician, you are a scientist, you are a researcher, you’ve presented your findings, you’ve published them in two different papers, and for doing that your family has been arrested. Has any group in the United States, so called scientific group [like] NIH, CDC, World Health Organisation internationally, AMA, has anyone issued a statement in support of your right to present your research without being punished for it? [Attack and criticism]

War Room Pandemic 02 Oct 2020

  1. 12:09 What should the President be doing now that he’s contracted the Chinese Communist Party virus, he has the CCP virus? What would you be telling the President what he should be doing today? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  2. 14:00 Are you saying, you don’t believe that we can force our way and get scientists into these labs to report, you think the CCP has got to be taken down. First of all you don’t think there is any way that the world community can come together and actually get into the labs, get the reports and get the analysis done?  [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  3. 21:23 I read this article on the Week, I’ve spoken to you so many times, but one thing I thought was so interesting on this article is your talk on how you had to leave Hong Kong, ‘cos I think that’s something that would be interesting for our audience to listen about. You had the first interview[discussion with supervisor], you were talking to him, and there was a certain point you realised you had to get out. Can you tell us about that? It really highlights the danger that people like yourself had to put through. Can you describe how that went down as much as you can? [Personal experiences and plans]
  4. 24:34 Wow I loved hearing that, the other thing I want you to touch on in that article that I thought was so important, you worked with the World Health organisation, a scientist at your lab, he was well aware of all your findings concerning human-to-human transmission, long before the World Health Organisation ever admitted to that, can you touch upon that for us? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  5. 26:05 So let me ask you a question ‘cos this is almost like ground breaking news, you are saying that a scientist who works for the World Health Organisation, Peiris, he actually went secretly to Wuhan twice in January and never revealed that information to the world, especially when you consider the World Health Organisation is a public body? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  6. 26:46 Just really quickly while we got you, the treatment do you think that President Trump should be doing today, give us your recommendations, understand you’re not his physician. [Solution to the pandemic]
  7. 27:34 Dr Fauci and others in the CDC would say you’re a wing nut, like Dr Zelenko, by prescribing that, what do you have to say to them? [Criticism]

The Week Magazine 1 Oct 2020

  1. 00:20 What is your current state of mind like? [Personal experiences and plans]
  2. 03:07 You came to know of the human to human transmission in China as early as December. But China and WHO confirmed such transmission only on January 20. Why the delay? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  3. 04:27 You alleged Prof Malik, a renowned virologist also knew about the virus? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  4. 05:56 You said that the virus can be made in six months? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  5. 06:52 Is it not true that coronaviruses circulate in wild animal populations and that there may be a tendency to spill over into humans? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  6. 08:36 Did you try to report your findings to the authorities in Hong Kong and China and how did they respond? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  7. 09:30 How long did China know about the virus and that human-to-human transmission was happening? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  8. 10:15 [Question not shown, but it is likely something along the lines ‘What happened to you and your family after you escaped Hong Kong?’] [Personal experiences and plans]
  9. 10:51 When did you realise that you were in danger? [Personal experiences and plans]
  10. 12:05 Why didn’t you engage with critics/sceptics, including prominent virologists? [Criticism]
  11. 13:05 Virologist David Robertson says that SARS-CoV-2 and its closest known ancestor, a virus called RATG13 has been circulating in Bat populations for decades? [Criticism]
  12. 13:26 The Trump administration froze funds to WHO. Is that the right policy? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  13. 14:20 Some say your research is politically motivated? [Criticism]
  14. 15:00 How is your life now? Do you feel safe? [Personal experiences and plans]

NewsmaxTV 01 Oct 2020

  1. 32:10 I was very suspicious about this early on, I took some heat for it, but why don’t you lay out for me the case that you believe this is a manufactured virus in Wuhan and more importantly, was it released on purpose or accidentally? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  2. 33:35 So what you were saying then, is that the Chinese government would release this virus onto the world. We know that they shut down travel in and around China out of Wuhan but they left it wide open to the rest of the world. If you are correct, it is criminal what they did, you can even call it a war crime? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling] 
  3. 34:32 The Chinese government can be very dangerous to anyone who speaks out against them. Are you not wildly concerned now about your own safety, with what you’re saying and all these allegations against China? [Personal experiences and plans]
  4. 35:35 The truth is what we’re about here, in your opinion as a virologist, what is the chance now of stopping this virus? There’s talk that it is getting stronger, can it be stopped? Will a vaccine work? Will the deaths ever come to an end? [Truth and origin of Covid-19] 

Sunday Guardian Live 26 Sep 2020 (edited excerpts)

  1. How did you come to know about Covid-19 virus? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  2. Then what happened? [Personal experiences and plans]
  3. Why are you saying it is a man-made virus? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  4. Why would China infect its own people? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  5. Why did you leave Hong Kong in April? Why not before that? And why go to the US? The Chinese government is saying that you are working on the orders of the US government. [Personal experiences and plans]
  6. Have you been approached by the Chinese government, formally or informally, post your revelations? If yes, what have they said? [Personal experiences and plans]
  7. Twitter recently took down your account. Have you approached Twitter as to why they did this? Have they given any reason? [Personal experiences and plans]
  8. Dr Yan, you are saying that if it is something that was made in the laboratory, I am sure you have some kind of evidence to prove this? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  9. So, Dr Yan, do you think that China has already developed some kind of a vaccine for Covid-19, but is not declaring it? [Solution to the pandemic]
  10. You plan to stay in the US and work? [Personal experiences and plans]
  11. You are saying that the people who are responsible for this should be held accountable. Can you tell me who these people are? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]

Digital Freedom Platform 25 Sep 2020

  1. 03:05 So much I want to talk to you about, about the past 10 months of your life, the ups and the downs, but first of all I want to ask how you are doing emotionally?  You have so much to deal with, you’re living in a strange land, you’ve got big organisations trying to discredit you, you’ve been banned on social media, at the same time you are showing on these major news outlet, like Fox news, places in the UK, what is it like being you in the past couple of months? [Personal experiences and plans]   
  2. 06:59 I’m curious though there’s people in America that don’t want you to say the message too. So you’ve got the Communist Party of China, the World Health Organisation, and a lot of people in America, I’m guessing people like Dr Fauci and the CDC and other places, that also don’t want to hear your message. Right? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  3. 07:23 Is the censorship worse in China or is it worse in America? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  4. 11:52 Did you expect all of these to happen? When you came public in January of this year and talked openly to a youtuber about what you found, did you not know that the Chinese government, the Communist Party was going to come after you, was going to try to discredit you, and you ultimately might have to leave your country? Did you know that might be a possibility? [Personal experiences and plans]    
  5. 16:13 It was in January of this year that you spoke to this Youtuber first time to talk about some of these ideas, so you were worried about your safety, if you had stayed in China, would you be dead now? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  6. 19:12 OK, you won’t say what happened to you but you might not be alive?   [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  7. 19:40 First, let’s talk about why you are here, which is some of the findings, some of the journey you went through starting in December of last year. From what I understand, there are five points you made, tell me if I’m wrong here. First of all, there is a cover up in China about the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. At that time there was already human-to-human transmission which you want to talk about. It was a highly mutable virus that can lead to an outbreak, you thought. And there was no intermediate host, as in no wild animal host. And finally you concluded that it wasn’t from nature.  Maybe you can walk me through how you came to those things, December of last year when you were responding to a ‘pneumonia outbreak’ in Wuhan, is that right? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]    
  8. 26:07 OK they changed their story after you came public on that January Youtube? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  9. 27:25 Now if you hadn’t made your announcement they might not even start the lock-down, if it had been made a month earlier they probably would have locked down earlier?…if you had been able to discover this a month earlier, then perhaps they would have locked down Wuhan earlier, and admitted human-to-human transmission and reduced the spread of the virus? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  10. 28:36 Why would Chinese Communist Party allow something this dangerous to spread in a nation of 1.3 billion people and potentially the world? Is it in their interest for this to happen? Why do you think they would allow that to happen? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  11. 30:23 OK so you’re not surprised that they wouldn’t put the people first, you’re not speculating the motives but you believe that it was intentional that they released it from the lab? I mean you believe it was created in the lab, but you also believe it was intentionally released ? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  12. 31:58 So they patented the virus they created, so it is unique? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  13. 32:22 If you had to explain this to my grandma, how could you explain to her, that this was for sure not transmitted from an animal, that it was for sure created in a lab, I mean does it have like a fingerprint or something, how would you explain this to someone who is not a doctor that you have the proof that shows it was deliberately created? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]   
  14.  34:40 Right, that makes sense, and I like your analogy, that as opposed to one cow say a brown cow become a spotted cow, but you have a brown cow that now has monkey paw, goats head, all these pieces that also coincidentally there for damaging and infecting human. So when you see this as a scientist, you go ‘C’mon on, this is obviously manufactured, I don’t see other iterations I don’t see a natural evolution, I see all of a sudden this Frankenstein is there’. As a scientist this is obvious to you? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  15. 35:32 OK so they [Chinese Communist Party] claim ownership about it[virus] as well? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  16. 35:57 OK do you believe that this virus was created four or five years ago?  [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  17. 36:50 Alright just an off-the-wall question, since you believe that this virus was intentionally created, human made, does that mean potentially they also created the vaccine for this? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  18. 38:25 OK you’re saying they wouldn’t manufacture this virus to create a vaccine. But my question is do you think they have the vaccine for this virus, or do you think one can be created? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  19. 41:31 Because there could be more strains that are out there, that could come? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  20. 41:38 If this was actually human made which you believe it was, and released, then they potentially have thousands and millions of similar Frankenstein type viruses that could go out there, you would again need to go through the entire vaccination research process again if you could find a miracle vaccine? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  21. 43:19 So just to summarise what you said, this virus is mutating so fast, just like the flu mutates so fast, that all we can do is attempt every year to try to find a flu shot or vaccine that is only effective to a small percentage of people, and it mutates again and mutates again, and so the likelihood of finding this vaccine is low, and there is a myriad of other problems that go with that. Is that what you were saying? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]   
  22. 47:31 Well all we can do now is to prevent, maybe prevent future releases of man made viruses? But we can’t take this one back, obvious. [Solution to the pandemic]
  23. 49:00 …[other scientists who talked about man made viruses]… This is something we have heard before, and there’s a lot of people who made the case for this, I think you are just one of the first people, one of the only people from the inside of China to document this for the first time. Have you listened to what these other people have said? Has it corroborated with some of what you discovered? [Criticism]
  24. 50:40 Let me ask you, you studied the immune system, you studied vaccines, when you see America talking about fast tracking a vaccine that the whole world is going to take, seven billion people, and everyone is going to be OK and immune from covid. How does that make you feel? When you hear that, what do you think? [Solution to the pandemic]
  25.  51:28 How long should it take to create the vaccine? [Solution to the pandemic]
  26.  53:36 When you see Bill Gates & Melinda foundation, cutting large cheques, when you see big companies trying to rush through a vaccine, they are working on it in the UK. Obviously Anthony Fauci and other people are pushing vaccines as the only solution, they are not talking about Hydroxychloroquine and therapeutics.  When you see this western model of a solution, what do you see as the flaws there, or are they doing something right? [Solution to the pandemic]
  27. 55:24 From where you are right now, how do you feel going from here? Do you feel like we need to be safer?  Do you feel that it’s time to exercise those social distancing requirements? Are you considering taking the vaccines yourself? How do you move forward now based on this current reality? [Solution to the pandemic]
  28. 58:20 Apparently they (Chinese government) are injecting thousands, maybe now millions of people in China with this new Chinese vaccine. What do you make of that, does that scare you?  [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  29. 1:00:33 Why would they give this vaccine out if they know it’s not going to be helpful? Are they doing it just to calm people down, to give people the illusion that they are helping, to make people feel safer? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  30. 1:00:42 Like you said, the prestige of having the first vaccine is a big propaganda. I know in Russia they are injecting [people] as well, although apparently the doctors refuse to take the vaccine in Russia, do you know much about that vaccine? [Solution to the pandemic]
  31. 1:02:04 So you’re saying you would much rather trust the therapeutics because they can be tested quicker, they have been around for a long time as opposed to the vaccine of which there’s a lot of unknown factors. So obviously consult your doctor, and that’s what you are using. Question to you about the second wave, I’m in Britain here, all I’m hearing about is more cases more cases more cases, they are now trying to lock down our cities even more, I’m hearing even more draconian measures of stopping people socialising, even going back to the lockdown of March and April, and yet we don’t see the death rates, we just see the case rates. Again the positive is based on the CPR test, it’s very questionable on false positives and false negatives, what do you make of the second wave, what do you make of positive results, changing policy, and getting people to lockdown?  [Solution to the pandemic]
  32. 1:04:35 How many people do you think in China that have the virus? How many do you think that actually died of the virus?  How can they cover those numbers up? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  33. 1:06:34 Again, back to the question I asked earlier, we’re seeing a lot of positive cases here, but we are not seeing the death rates, and yet our government still tried to push these draconian measures that kill our economy which really kill more people, and yet we are not seeing the deaths we saw earlier. The original lockdown was put in place to ‘flatten the curve’ and to give our health system time to handle it, which now they have proven they can. I mean does it make sense to lock things down based on positive cases that can be asymptomatic? [Solution to the pandemic]
  34. 1:08:26 What do you say to your critics who said to you, ‘Dr, to intentionally release dangerous virus on the world, I mean that’s something out of the fiction science movie, that’s a conspiracy theory, there is no way that could be true’, what do you say to people who say that to you? [Criticism]
  35. 1:10:37 Now there are links to your paper below, we are going to have it below on this episode where people can read through all of your research, some people have said your paper is not peer-reviewed therefore doesn’t have corroboration, what do you say to that? [Criticism]
  36. 1:12:47 Tell me, what’s the one message you want everyone watching us to take away? What’s the one thing they can take action on? What’s the one thing they can demand of their government, of our pharmaceutical companies? What do you think people can do or should do based on the information you gave us?  [Solution to the pandemic]
  37. 1:14:34 Do you think most people know what’s going on here? Do you think the majority of the people in the world question the narrative being told by the governments? Even the people in China, do you think they know there is something strange going on? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  38. 1:16:16 Tell me about China, because we hear about all these things happening in China, we heard about the social scores, we hear about monitoring everyone on cameras, all of the control that it has over people, with 5G it is getting worse to where all can be done with cameras and identification, again all the communications are monitored by the Communist Party, we hear things happening there with the camps of the Muslims and all these other things. First of all, is it that bad in China? And do you believe that the same type of system is moving to the West where we are all going to be monitored, might be something like a social score, or universal income that is based on how good behaviour goes, tell me what are your thoughts on that?  [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  39. 1:19:37 And is the West going that way? I mean you’re censored by Twitter, we are seeing censorship on Youtube, the quiet censorship.  [Personal experiences and plans]   
  40. 1:21:25 Tell me about China, 20 years from now will it be the dominant world power, do you believe? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  41. 1:22:10 Tell me about Hong Kong, because I know it is a city you loved, you spent a lot of time there for the last six or eight years. What was it like watching the protestors fight back, and what was it like watching the mainland China almost take over that city? And then my last question is, would you have even stayed in Hong Kong two or three years ago, thinking you could be safe from the Communist Party? Or as today maybe you feel like you can’t be? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  42. 1:24:54 [Repeat last question]I was wondering if three years ago you would’ve stayed in Hong Kong because you would’ve felt safer there, as opposed to now that the Communist Party runs that city where you had to leave? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  43. 1:27:06 How did you get out to LA? Was that very difficult to get out of there?  Have you been watched to get on a plane, was that difficult? [Personal experiences and plans]
  44. 1:29:30 Wow, and what was it like taking to the FBI? Did they do much for you, are they protecting you? What’s happening [What happened then]? [Personal experiences and plans]
  45. 1:30:32 OK, do you trust the FBI? [Personal experiences and plans]
  46. 1:31:21 What’s next for you, Dr? You’re probably never going back to China, is that correct? [Personal experiences and plans]
  47. 1:32:54 Will you go and do virology work in New York City or America in the future? [Personal experiences and plans]
  48. 1:33:14 Are you the Edward Snowden of Covid19? [Personal experiences and plans]   
  49. 1:34:14 Dr Yan, I really appreciate the time today and I really appreciate your bravery for stepping up and doing this. I bet you are surprised on how strong you have been over the past few months, or maybe you always knew you will be strong, but it is difficult to go through these things in your life, and leave your family behind, your work which was very important to you, and go to a strange land, and have your credibility questioned. I mean, that’s enough to crush most people. I must say I really appreciate you doing that, because without that we wouldn’t have this inside knowledge, we might never have gotten this knowledge from you, so thank you very much for doing that. Any final thoughts for the people watching and listening? [Solution to the pandemic]                               

CNN India 25 Sep 2020

  1. 2:08 Please tell our viewers your findings. [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  2. 3:07 When did you first realise that something was wrong? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  3. 3:45 I remember on the 16th of January, the WHO put out a tweet that China has denied human-to-human transmission of this virus, did the China CCP know at that time that there are human-to-human transmission? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  4. 4:48 What were you told? Because I believe you left Hong Kong in April. [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  5. 6:35 You are saying that the CCP, and Xi Jinping, and the entire communist party, deliberately allow the spread of the virus? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  6. 8:29 Was this a leak or did they (CCP) deliberately let it out? And once it leaked out they decided to let it spread to the whole world and they can use it to their advantage? [Truth and origin of Covid-19] 
  7. 9:52 What should we do? India now has the chair at the WHO, China does not have a majority they had in December and January, Donald Trump has openly come out and blamed China for the China virus or Wuhan virus.  What is our next step? Should the UN call you for a hearing? [Solution to the pandemic]
  8. 11:34 How can we make them (CCP) accountable? Do you believe the CCP already has a vaccine, what is the cure to this virus? [Solution to the pandemic]
  9. 13:34 Should China be made to pay the cost for this entire global paralysis that this has caused? How deadly is this virus? This virus has shown different manifestations in different people. Even in India, we see the virus behaving differently in different people. [Solution to the pandemic]
  10. 15:53 How should we make China pay? What should be done? Should UNHRC come into play? Should WHO come into play?  You are saying there is no long-term cure, it means you had the virus does not mean you won’t get it again. [Solution to the pandemic]

Valuetainment 23 Sep 2020

  1. 3:45 Why did you abandon China and come to the US? [Personal experiences and plans]
  2. 4:10 You have never been part of the CCP? [Personal experiences and plans]
  3. 13:52 Did you say that it’s [the foundation who helped you escape China] the Guo Wengui Foundation, this gentleman who is a billionaire, very successful entrepreneur? [Personal experiences and plans]
  4. 15:23 The last thing you said is that the virus is not natural, it is man made.  You are saying it with a level of certainty, you are not saying potentially, maybe, possibly. You are saying it is. That brings three different questions for me. You said at that moment they (China) went from 62 cases to 198 cases overnight. If I go online to get the cases, China states that in total they have 85,291 cases ever, there are only 4,634 people that have died. How much do you trust the data that China gives to the public? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  5. 19:25 When we go on Google, you type in to search for data for the US and China. It is almost like the US’s number is bigger than it actually is and China’s number is smaller than it actually is. What do you have to say on that? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling] 
  6. 26:20 For you to say this with the level of certainty, you are saying you know this is man-made, what gives you this level of certainty to say that you know? You are getting so many targets at you because you say you know.
  7. 29:23 I go online that search how many virologists we have in America, it tells me that in America today, virology, there are 19 different kinds of degrees you can get into that area, average salary is $108,000, total workforce 2.73 million people, average employees in that industry 41.5. I don’t know how many virologists there are in America, but I would assume there are many, many intelligent people, many doctors. Why is it that you are the only one that is so public about it, saying that it (the virus) is man made, and all these other experts who have many many years of experience are disagreeing with you? [Criticism]
  8. 37:25 You are saying you know, so why don’t you unpack, I know on Tucker you talked about the ‘fingerprints’, can you unpack that and explain that? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  9. 41:29 Who in the world, is qualified, certified, trained, educated enough to be able to identify the fingerprints like you described, the genome to understand that this is man-made? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  10. 46:16 You said biology, medical degree, so anyone with a degree in biology or virology can go get access to the coronavirus, see it on the inside and see that it is man-made? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  11. 47:00 You wrote your paper, and National Geographics came out and said ‘Why misinformation about COVID-19’s origins keeps going viral’ [National Geographics paper]…prominent virologists such as Kristian Andersen from Scripps Research and Carl Bergstorm from the University of Washington….called out the paper for being unscientific. Chief among their complaints was that the report ignored the vast body of published literature regarding what is known about how coronaviruses circulate in wild animal populations and the tendency to spill over into humans, including recent publications about the origins of SARS-COV-2. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University said “I’m going to scream if I have to explain the fact that many viruses have cleavage sites. “… Would you be comfortable to go in a lab and show them exactly why this is man-made rather than from animals? [Criticism]
  12. 57:58 How long would that process take to reconstruct the virus? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  13. 58:40 If Secretary Pompeo is watching this, Bannon is watching this, why don’t you guys call the sceptics to come into the same room including yourself, and hash it out, and let us watch the debate? [Criticism]
  14. 1:00:05 A Wuhan doctor Dr Li Wen Liang who tried to warn the other doctors about this virus and got summoned to the Public Security Bureau, he died on February 7th, 2020.  Did you get a chance to meet Dr Li Wenliang? Did you have a relationship with him? [Personal experiences and plans]
  15. 1:01:36 A follow up question, they (CCP) said they died from coronavirus, there are a lot of conspiracies about him. Are there any stories you know about him since a friend of yours is friends with him? How did he die? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  16. 1:02:20 Postpone of treatment from the Government. So they didn’t treat him. So indirectly what you were saying is that’s their way of executing him? That’s their way of making him die?  [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  17. 1:03:01 On May 13, 2020, the FBI issued a statement on a new investigation, China affiliated cyber attackers were trying to steal US coronavirus vaccine research. You lived in China for 30 years. There are the news you watch on TV, and there are real talks among people behind closed doors. How do the majority of Chinese people see the government and the CCP? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  18. 1:05:49 Do people in China have access to VPNs to get on Facebook or Youtube? I heard that when people stay at hotels at business centres in China, they have access to social media, Facebook. So why wouldn’t the people there have access to free internet through VPNs? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  19. 1:08:00 What does the media in China call Americans? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  20. 1:10:09 Who in the media does China paint as ‘good people’? What countries does China paint as being friendly? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  21. 1:11:50 You said you don’t feel safe so you can’t disclose where you are at because China may be coming after you. Why do you not feel safe for your life, how can China really do to you or hurt you in America? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  22. 1:14:14 I don’t want you to tell me your location, what I’m asking is, so what if they (China) know where you are at? What are they going to do to you, you are in America? They are not here. [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  23. 1:15:39 Some of them (US government officials) have talked to you, and offered protection? [Personal experiences and plans]
  24. 1:16:20 If your sources are accurate, if I’m in the Trump administration, I will protect you to prevent something bad from happening. If what you said is true, this could be the biggest cover up of this century, it could take decades, generations for China to regain trust from other nations. I’m hoping those people from National Geographic’s which is owned by Disney, I’m hoping Daily Beast, these doctors, Rasmussen, they agree to do the debate. Assume that this video stays up, what would you like to leave the viewers, could be folks in the White House, average day to day people, doctors who called you out, media platform, what would you like to say to people? [Solution to the pandemic]

Fox Business 23 Sep 2020

  1. 0:52 What do you believe is the specific origin of that virus? And do you think it was engineered or a product of nature? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  2. 1:37 The unusual nature of the sequence of the virus, the genetic sequence of the virus, can you think of any virus that is an analogue to it, that is closest to it, in the structure and the sequence of the genome? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  3. 3:00 Is there, in your judgement, any possibility whatsoever, that the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist government, will ever permit international authorities to inspect and see real evidence, of what happened in that laboratory and the origins of this virus? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  4. 4:06 Do you believe China has a highly advanced, sophisticated biological warfare unit that has perhaps other viruses that are at its disposal? [China and Chinese Communist Party]

WION India 22 Sep 2020

  1. 00:28 You created quite a stir with your claims, why do you say the Wuhan virus was made in a laboratory? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  2. 01:29 What about the bat theory? And the link to the Wuhan wet market? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  3. 03:53 You made some very starkling claims, you said they knew about human-to-human transmissions,  they knew the virus had a high mutation rate, how much did the top levels of the Chinese government knew at that time of the outbreak, do you believe that President Xi also knew what was going on? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  4. 05:09 So let me get straight, Dr Yan, you are saying that the government knew what was going on, that at the very top level including President Xi was involved in the cover up, and they hid the number of cases in Wuhan? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]   
  5. 06:29 So you were told that you should not cross the red line, you said that the WHO affiliated lab was aware of the high mutation rate and human-to-human transmission and they too hid the information, was the WHO also equally a part of the cover up? Only this lab or to the highest levels? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  6. 08:03 You made starkling claims, that I keep saying I think, what does your report do to Xi Jinping’s global image? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  7. 09:38 [Repeat question] I am asking what do you think this report does to Xi Jinping’s global image? How do you think the Chinese government would have responded when it first came out with your accusations? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  8. 12:23 So you know how the Chinese Communist states operate and how they would react, but very surprised when Twitter also suspended your account for fake news? You probably knew what you would expect from the Chinese government, but were you surprised when Twitter decided to suspend your account calling your information or your paper fake news? [Personal experiences and plans]
  9. 13:37 So you are saying the Chinese regime is influencing social media giants to silence critics? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  10. 13:51 Let’s talk about your report. You authored a 26-page report with three other researchers, but the scientific community has overwhelmingly rejected your report. They called it unscientific and false. 
  11. 16:11 Right, but your paper is a scientific paper, just explain the devil’s advocates here, the criticism against you, is that you did not go for a peer review, that you study may have a negative impact on the efforts to fight this pandemic. The University of Hong Kong where you were doing your research said, that you never conducted any research on human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus and that your claims have no scientific basis. Why do you think so many scientists from the world all over are challenging what you were saying? [Criticism]
  12. 18:02 Your paper and your co-authors have been linked to what is called the ‘Rule of Law Society’. It is a political organisation, it is not a research organisation, it is linked to exiled Chinese billionaire, Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon, the former chief strategist of  US President Donald Trump. And experts say this affiliation of yours, is a conflict of interest. What are your links to the Rule of Law Society, and why do you need the support of a political organisation for a research project? [Personal experiences and plans]
  13. 20:29 A lot has been written about China funding think tanks and media organisations, now you are saying China may be influencing social media giants as well. Can China, according to you, also influence studies and findings on the Wuhan virus? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  14.  22:11 How much does China know about how to control the virus? This is by China’s number are lesser than the rest of the world. If this is a lab made virus, has the world been able to understand its threat properly? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  15. 23:58 You were told by your seniors in the University of Hong Kong to not cross the red line. You must have seen the fate that other Chinese whistle-blowers met, like Dr Li Wen Liang of Wuhan, and yet you chose to come out and tell your story. Why did you do this? [Personal experiences and plans]
  16. 25:47 I was going to ask, do you feel your life is under threat? Clearly it is. What do you plan to do next? [Personal experiences and plans]  
  17. 26:55 Do you believe the world will listen to whistleblowers like you? Do you believe that China will be held to account for this pandemic? [Solution to the pandemic] 

Fox News 16 Sep 2020

Dr Yan’s first scientific report about the origin of SARS-CoV-2, aka COVID-19 virus

  1. 00:12 I know you have published some of your research and you’re planning on publishing more soon, give us for a non-scientific audience a summary of why you believe this virus came from a lab in Wuhan. [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  2. 01:13 So what you’re saying is much more sinister even than what we suggested on this show, you are saying that the Chinese government manufactured this virus, if I’m hearing you correctly? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  3. 01:59 What you’re alleging is shocking more even than I anticipated when we invited you on, so I just want to ask the most obvious question, this genome presumably is in the possession of many researchers around the world. Why is nobody saying this if it is true? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  4. 03:20 Let me ask you a couple more question. Why would the Chinese government intentionally create a virus like this?  [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  5. 04:00 How do you believe this virus made its way from the lab in Wuhan outside to the rest of the world? [Truth and origin of Covid-19] 
  6. 05:13 To make these damage, do you believe the Chinese government release this intentionally, on purpose, did they do this? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]

Loose women 11 Sep 2020

  1. 0:56 It is an incredible story that you have to tell, like you said you were a scientist, virologist, you were working at the Hong Kong School of Public Health. It was back in December you were asked to study a cluster of this unknown virus cases coming out of Wuhan. What did you discover in those early days? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  2. 3:59 Just to be clear, we all heard about this wet market and seafood market, and the claims certainly from the beginning that this is where it started. You genuinely in your scientific belief, you don’t believe that this is where it came from at all? [Truth and origin of Covid-19] 
  3. 4:37 Where does it come from then? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  4. 4:47 So it is man made? Is it not virtually impossible though to definitely prove that? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  5. 5:20 When you spoke out, did you worry about your safety? [Personal experiences and plans]
  6. 5:52 How did you manage to leave and get safety? [Personal experiences and plans]
  7. 6:40 What did they try to do to make you disappear? [Personal experiences and plans]
  8. 7:29 I just wonder, you had to sacrifice your family, your friends, it’s a massive sacrifice you made that you’ve chosen to do. Can I ask, what made you make that decision? [Personal experiences and plans]
  9. 8:41 We are running out of time, just want to ask you very quickly, can you give us a little sneak exclusive preview of what you are going to publish in a few days? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]

War Room Pandemic Ep 366 – Cultural Revolution (w/ Dr. Li Meng Yan) 03 Sep 2020

  1. 34:30 I wish you could run through our listeners some of the reasons why the speed with which we are trying to put his vaccine out could potentially be a long-term problem for us. [Solution to the pandemic]
  2.  38:07 To me I think, many people are starting to question the safety of this, particularly when you look at how rigid we are concerning all other things, like hydroxychloroquine and everything else, are we rushing to a vaccine that will be dangerous for the world going forward ?  [Solution to the pandemic]
  3. 40:17 I know you work on the SARS which they never came up with a vaccine. In fact Miles Guo said in 4000 years the Chinese have never come up with even an animal vaccine. How has it been that the Chinese are out with a vaccine that they are actually selling to countries and trying on people from Pakistan, all the way to central Asia and in China. Given what you just walked through, the reality of doing this correctly and safely, how is the CCP already hovering over Philippine’s head and say, “Hey give us the South China Sea and we will give you the vaccine”? [Solution to the pandemic]
  4. 42:43 One thing I want to ask you about, we touched on it with somebody the other day, maybe you can explain for our audience. The vaccine that’s being produced by China and also Russia, is a vaccine that plays upon putting a little insert into the human cells to sort of change the response. Is there any danger for your own DNA?  Say we heard stories that maybe you shouldn’t have sexual relations for several weeks or months after getting this vaccine because of the introduction of it [virus] perhaps into human egg or sperms cells? [Solution to the pandemic]
  5. 43:41 No I understand, [I mean] the vaccine could interrupt the actual fertilisation process, no? You’re actually inserting a little chunk of DNA into it, potentially, no? [Solution to the pandemic]
  6. 50:57 I want you to go briefly about why the animals are so important in terms of the study, and then I want you to talk about does China have the ability to actually produce and manufacture this vaccine they want to push out to the world. [Solution to the pandemic]   

War Room Pandemic Ep 351 – Rolling out the Red Carpet (w/ Bill McGinley and Dr. Li Meng Yan) 25 Aug 2020:

  1. 36:11 One of the breaking pieces of news yesterday was there’s a 33-year-old man in Hong Kong was reinfected with the coronavirus 4.5 months after he had recovered from the last round. Interestingly he had very few symptoms on the second go around, but I want to talk to you about this idea of immunity and whether or not you think it’s going to last among people who would either get the vaccine or people who caught the coronavirus naturally on the street. [Solution to the pandemic]
  2. 39:22 Help me out here, so it’s a couple of strains. Tell me about, the CCP is going around now, Xi is going around to Philippines and other places, and you can see they are going to start dangling over the United States. Given all that,  what’s the status and what’s the story with, there are two strains now…. two main stains, and Dr Yan you have been adamant that this thing come out of Wuhan and man-enhanced, gain of function, whatever, this vaccine that they are working on in China, is it close to working? Is it dangerous? How comfortable do you feel that this thing is actually being done at any level of what the FDA or western standards would be? [Solution to the pandemic]
  3. 42:32 You are saying that they never produced a successful vaccine, they failed miserably in SARS, what about the testing? One of the things we heard is that the Lao Bai Xing, old hundred names, the poor Chinese people, are guinea pigs for the Chinese Communist Party anyway, they do what they want to do [to Chinese people], as slave labour, are the Chinese people safe?  Can the world look and see these guys are testing, we know they don’t have mass production capability, did they have the ability to safely test? Where are the Chinese people in regards to having the CCP force these tests on them? [Solution to the pandemic]  

Newsmax Spicer & Co 11 Aug 2020

  1. 0:26 Two questions for you. One, are you in fear for your safety because you are speaking out? [Personal experiences and plans] And two, when do you think China actually knew about the virus and its potential concern for the rest of the world? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  2. 3:52 Are you saying that the World Health Organisation hopes that the world doesn’t know that Hydroxychloroquine could actually help people? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  3. 5:10 Two questions, I just want to make sure I heard you right. Did you say unequivocally that it didn’t get caused, that this did not stem from a bat, but it definitely came from a lab? Number one. [Truth and origin of Covid-19] Number two, have you been in touch with the US government, and if so, what agencies? [Personal experiences and plans]
  4. 6:21 Not the names, just the agencies, so is it the CIA, State Department, which agencies? [Personal experiences and plans]
  5. 7:31 Have you talked to the CDC, the FDA, any of the Health agencies of the United States, or the Health and Human Services, have you talked to the medical and health agencies in the US? [Personal experiences and plans] 

War Room Pandemic Ep 327 – Man-Made Mystery (w/ Steven Mosher and Dr. Li Meng Yan) 11 Aug 2020

  1. 38:42 I wanted to come to some of the thing that Dr Mosher was saying, there’s a sort of statement yesterday that we had Dr Ryan of the World Health Organization come out and say, almost as a kind of pre-emptive warning to the world, “Hey people we may never get to the bottom of this, we may never find out where this is.” And the World Health Organisation still has not resolved their agreement with the Chinese Communist Party as to how they are actually going to investigate this virus. But Dr Yan, for our audience, I really want you to talk about, I know that you believe that this virus was released on purpose by the CCP. We talk about this over the weekend, you have a really poignant way of describing why you thought this was the case, and it’s because you look back at Chinese history, and you realised you’ve done multiple things like this in the past. I wish you could talk about that and explain your wakening as to the evil of the CCP during your discovery about this virus in the early weeks of January and late December. [Truth and origin of Covid-19]
  2. 43:21 One of the things you told me was, your eyes started to open when you were getting threatened by your colleagues at the lab in Hong Kong by just asking questions, and your boss told you, “Hey, you don’t want to be disappeared.” You sort of implied to me that, you don’t think there is any evil that they are not capable of, and when you look at their history, that should be proof to anybody, that this is something they are capable of and should not be discounted.  [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  3. 54:04 You said this when we first met you months and months ago, and when you first came public, that you don’t think there will even be a vaccine for this. Dr Trudeau said hey at most, it’s going to be a vaccine that may solve three or four [strains] of this. Where do you think we stand until the CCP releases the original genome sequence? Do you think we will ever get a vaccine? [Solution to the pandemic]
  4. 56:59 I want to just get your answer on this real quick. We talked over the weekend, some of the things you touched me, I asked you about if you feel safe in America, you answered something to the effect that, none of us is going to be safe unless we defeat the CCP. Can you just elaborate on that, real quick? [Solution to the pandemic]     

War Room Pandemic Ep 324 – National Town Hall, The Case for Hydroxy Pt. 2 08 Aug 2020:

  1. 19:20 Fauci recently said that this virus is so contagious it will never disappear. Why has there been such little reporting on the NIH funding of gain of function research in Wuhan especially since it was known how careless these labs were with protocols for safety? Who is to blame? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  2. 24:35 One other question I can allow you to elaborate on this, from an anonymous listener. She said, “We know from whistleblowers like Dr Yan that China’s leadership is taking hydroxychloroquine. Is this not a hint to “the powers that be” that perhaps the Chinese regime knows something that we don’t? [Solution to the pandemic]     

American Thought Leaders 05 Aug 2020

  1. 1:19 I want to find out from you, the National Security Law, just recently passed in Hong Kong. I’m sure you have been thinking about that? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  2. 2:00 With the National Security Law, because you were working at the University of Hong Kong, the lab in Hong Kong, would that have changed anything in terms of what you were able to do? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  3. 3:17 Right, there is that article in the National Security Law, that says that even people who aren’t necessarily in Hong Kong, who aren’t Chinese, they also are under that very ambiguous rule? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  4. 3:43 Tell me a little bit about your career, where you came from, how you got your role, what was your position when you left? [Personal experiences and plans] 
  5. 6:41 You are basically saying that your boss, I just want to make sure we got everything, your boss asked you to conduct an investigation a little bit hidden, as you said, secret, why did such an investigation need to be hidden? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  6. 7:25 Tell me a little about how this played out, maybe the timeline, when are you first becoming aware of this virus, this unknown virus, when did you first become aware that it has lethality that is human-to-human transmissible, tell me a little bit about that. ? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  7.  08:59 You are describing the sort of consistency you found, talking to the different people in your network, the inconsistency compared to the official party lie, so to speak? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  8. 10:20 When did your boss take you off the case? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  9. 12:09 At what point did you become convinced that there was human-to-human transmission? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  10. 14:04 Why do you think the WHO basically follows the regime’s position, as opposed to doing its own research? Or did it do its own research? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  11. 15:57 Tell me your perspective on hydroxychloroquine. [Solution to the pandemic]
  12.  18:39 I want to talk a little bit about the statistics coming out of China. Your opinion, because, in the US you have a lot of media will take the official statistics on Covid19 or CCP virus as we call it, they will report those statistics as if they were fact. So you know, like China hasn’t had such a big problem according to the official statistics, the US is way ahead both in deaths and cases. What’s your opinion on this?  [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  13. 20:58 The big question is, is there in your opinion, a political will to underreport? That’s the allegation that’s what the data we have seen suggest, they’re grossly underreporting. That’s why I want to get your perspective.  [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  14. 24:04 So tell me, why did you decide to go public with this, knowing the risk? [Personal experiences and plans]
  15. 26:09 Briefly tell me, what happened after this [you delivered the truth to Mr Lu De, a youtube chinese blogger]? [Personal experiences and plans] And how is it that you end up coming to the United States.
  16.  30:45 Sorry for laughing at the hamster keeper, we know you are quite a bit more than that hamster keeper. I know that we just got a message that we have to finish up urgently. But any final words before we do? [Solution to the pandemic]

War Room Pandemic Ep 316 – Mother’s Milk (w/ Dr. Yan and Evan Sayet) 04 Aug 2020:

  1. 10:04 Let’s go to Dr Yan, let’s get her response on the ‘hydroxcalypse’, the complete barrage by the medical establishment people and the taskforce. [Solution to the pandemic]
  2. 13:04 I want to ask you this question, we’ve become accustomed to the media, and the taskforce, the doctors shifting the goalpost time and time again when it comes to this pandemic. Changing the rules, changing the length of time, changing the quarantine rules, all of that.  Is Dr Fauci changing the goalpost when he talks about randomised controlled placebo trials, when the FDA documents themselves state very clearly “may be effective”? [Solution to the pandemic]
  3. 18:45  I just want to ask you this one more question, the Chinese Communist Party, in the upper echelon of the Chinese Communist Party are very clear and boastful about that fact that they do not have a high level of contamination of Covid19 of their senior party members.  Is that somehow related to Hydroxychloroquine?  [Solution to the pandemic]
  4.  20:14 I have a question about the World Health Organisation and the ending of these double-blind studies that Fauci et al all of them want to see these studies, but when the Lancet article came out with the bad data that was rescinded that the FDA used to change their criteria, didn’t also 25 different studies many of them funded by the World Health Organisation around the world that were mid-stream studying the effectiveness of HCQ as an early treatment? All of those got cancelled, all of the data was destroyed, you can’t restart a study after it’s been stopped, when you stopped it, it stopped. So in actual fact this actually kept us from moving forward in the discovery of Hydroxychloroquine, wouldn’t you say that is true?  [Solution to the pandemic]
  5. 22:53 Dr Yan, I’m going to try and explain to the audience. What we are talking about is, if you are a professional researcher seeking out funding for your research is the mother’s milk of your entire career. And the reality is, nobody is sending out any research grant to study HCQ, but they are sending out research grants to study potential vaccines. Now to put this into perspective for our audience, if we treated every single American with Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin, that will come up to a cost of roughly $6 billion at $20 a dosage. The United States government, according to the New York Times on July 31st, has already invested more than $8 billion in vaccine development, this is through various big pharmas, private enterprise projects. So you begin to understand that there is a lot of money at stake here, and I see a lot of parallels actually here, between the banning of DDT and the banning of hydroxychloroquine, and in both cases it was for the profits of patented alternatives that weren’t even as effective. [Solution to the pandemic]
  6. 26:51 They just announced yesterday, WHO is negotiating with the CCP on terms for getting into these labs. They were actually in Beijing negotiating these, this is what, 7 months 8 months into this pandemic. WHO with Tedros, the running dog of the CCP, is over there heading up a negotiation and they don’t reach any kind conclusion. In fact he said, hey we may never find a silver bullet. What he is trying to signal is they are not going to get to the bottom of this. What I would like to ask you is, why do we allow the WHO take the lead here when you saw up close in person in Hong Kong that they are part of the problem?  The President of the United States should say 72 hours and turn over all documents, 72 hours and make available every scientist, every email, every text message, every gain of function experiment. If not, they ought to sanction individuals at the top of the scale, from General Secretary Xi to Wang Qi Shan, all the way down to sanction the banks, stop the US dollar, we got to stop playing games. The WHO is making no progress 8 months into this, in getting into the Wuhan lab! [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  7. 36:00 Once again I want to understand this whole WHO-CCP link that is here, with the WHO, is there a real negotiation to get into any of the labs, any of the facilities, does the CCP really have to block that hard? Just explain to us what the dynamic here is, because for a lot of the western audience here, it looks like the WHO is a complete useless organisation not worth being a part of, not worth investing, a lot of American want refunds for the decades of being a part of this. What exactly is the dynamic between the World Health Organisation and the Chinese Communist Party? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  8. 38:56 I want to just re-illustrate what you said. Essentially the World Health Organisation was involved in the first lie. The idea that this is not communicable human to human, they knew about it minimum on December 31st from the free Chinese in Taiwan. So what you are saying essentially is this current negotiation between the World Health Organisation and the Communist Party to investigate the source of this virus is really a negotiation to perfect the second lie. Am I getting this correctly? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  9. 41:02 So you’re saying the closest related virus to this is a virus that is in the catalogue of viruses in the possession of the People’s Liberation Army that they took from a bat. This is highly indicative that perhaps this covid19 that we are all suffering under, the CCP virus, originated in gain of function or some manipulation inside a PLA controlled lab perhaps the one in Wuhan? [Truth and origin of Covid-19] 
  10. 42:07 There is also a real belief throughout western science, that oftentime western scientists who have a rogue path that they want to follow for scientific research, gain of function being one of those, is highly restrictive here in the United States and much of the West, they take their money and ideas to Chinese laboratories where they are lower standards, less stringent standards constitute what kind of research can be done. Can you talk to that a little bit, on how western doctors use the Chinese system to engage in scientific recovery that probably they are not allowed to do in Harvard? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  11. 43:55 Do you know what’s frightening about this, Dr? There is a historical example of this for the world that they can listen to, the experiments done by the Nazi’s regime that did not meet any of the moral or ethical standards. Some of these ‘science’ in some of the death camps. I believe you are referencing a study that came out a few months ago, where they were putting human genes inside monkey embryos. Is this the one they were trying to determine, whether or not it changes the intelligence of the monkey?  It’s kinda frightening on so many levels. [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  12. 45:33 Do you believe that the world needs to hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible for what’s happened?  [Solution to the pandemic]                                       

War Room Pandemic Ep 308 – Science and Evidence Based 31 Jul 2020

  1. 12:15 Dr Yan, you and I spoke at the other day, for example, on an anecdotal basis this is not going to meet Dr Fauci’s double blind test,  but you have a rationale that none of the CCP leadership seems to have gotten sick with the Covid19, whereas we just lost Herman Caine just this morning. Do you have any insight as to why that may be? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  2. 20:52 I want to go back to something that Dr Yan has been telling us, and other people, other  whistle-blowers who are coming out of China…I realise it is anecdotal, in your belief, tell us what you is going on with senior cadre member, that we know you had a connection to the CDC in Beijing… Why is this thing not spread to the senior cadre members? Is it because they are using hydroxy?  [Solution to the pandemic]
  3. 22:43 Can you give us some examples through your professional experience? I mean you are now a freedom fighter here in America, but just three weeks ago you were in the heart of this fight against Covid19, at one of the best hospitals in the world.  Can you give us some insight on where this is being used effectively around the world? I know India has had some great success, I heard information that Taiwan has been using it very successfully and same with South Korea, could you give us a little bit of a discussion about where you’ve seen it working around the world? [Solution to the pandemic]
  4. 25:25 There is a difference between after you get it, after you get it severely like Herman Caine, and other people taking it as a prophylactic. Dr Yan, in your opinion in your research, do you see anything that comes back to you,  obviously it’s all about personal physician and yourself,  but is there anything about it being preventative, or as a prophylactic,  that you’ve seen come up that causes you concern? [Solution to the pandemic]
  5. 28:06 Also, I want to talk to you about this idea, as a physician this idea of a Hippocratic oath, “First, do no harm.” It seems to me that even if there is an optimistic kind of placebo effect, that might be given to the patient from HCQ, even on that basis I would recommend it to be prescribed because it is so benign compared to so many other drugs we take. We spoke earlier about the idea of Tylenol, many people die every year from liver damage from overuse of Tylenol. We don’t see anything like that with HCQ around the world even in countries where it is sold over-the-counter, like in Africa etc? Why do you think there seems to be such anger about this drug on a global basis?  [Solution to the pandemic] 
  6. 36:20 I want to ask you about vaccines, there is all these run around trying to find a vaccine, is the Chinese Communist Party holding back information, about this virus that came out of the Wuhan lab according to you and is not from the nature, not from the bat, do you think they are holding back information? Are they hurdling to get a vaccine before the United States, before the West, so that they can say hey you have to kowtow to us to get the vaccine? Is that what’s going on here? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  7. 38:25 Another question our audience has consistently is, you were at the renown P3 reference lab for the WHO in Hong Kong. You are saying that this virus is man made and did not come from nature. If Hong Kong is the reference lab and you’ve got the WHO that is supposed to oversee all this, and the American people are putting in literally 500 million dollars a year into this I think, to make sure that WHO does their job. Why was there not more supervision of the Wuhan P4 lab? Why was there not more supervision to make sure, you know the bat woman says hey it all came from nature, why was the world not more engaged in overseeing exactly the experiments they were doing, exactly what they were doing to weaponize some of these viruses? Why was the WHO not on top of this on a daily basis? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  8. 40:45 I want to go back to one thing a lot of our audience members have asked, that I’ve heard around the DC,  when was it evident to you that this does not come from nature, that something was wrong about it, that it was actually man made? What in your interaction with Beijing CDC and other authorities, not in the HK lab but authorities in mainland China, when did it become evident to you and what evidence did you base that upon, that this did not come from a bat in a cave, did not come from the wet market, but it was something that came out of Wuhan the lab, it was something that was man made? [Truth and origin of Covid-19] 
  9.  43:48  A quick question, you said when you first went to your supervisor, the very first time when you began to have some questions, what was the response? They said you want to be careful, you don’t want to be disappeared. You heard that two more times before you actually decided to flee, am I right? [Personal experiences and plans] 
  10. 45:05  Oh because they punished the doctor in Wuhan? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  11.  51:40 If you were put in charge of the team that was to go in and investigate this, the international consortium I kept talking about in 72 hours. Give the audience the 2 or 3 things you would demand to see, people to interview, what would be the leading thing you want to see immediately?  [Solution to the pandemic]

War Room Pandemic Ep 305 – Hearings on the Hill 29 Jul 2020

  1. 50:37 Really quickly, Dr Yan, we talked about the cultural revolution, I know you were just here to the United States and you see what’s happening in Portland, does that remind you? When I said it’s the cultural revolution and these are the red guards, is that something that you find, knowing Chinese history like you know it, that is out of line? [China and Chinese Communist Party]

War Room Pandemic Ep 304 – Live from the Freedom Summit Day Two Pt.2 28 Jul 2020

  1. 19:20 Specifically I want to ask a couple of technical questions, tell us about the P3 lab you worked in Hong Kong. What was its role? And particularly what was its role in overseeing or looking at anything that was going on in mainland China? [Personal experiences and plans]
  2. 20:12 The reason that this lab is so important, is that it is the correspondent lab to the WHO. SARS that happened in the early part of the 21st century, had such potential to destroy China, that’s what this was set up. Dr Gabriel Leung, we talked about him, he is the epidemiologist associated with it. This is one of the most prominent locations in the world, for doing this, and that’s the reason it is the WHO. The reason we are laying this out, is the mainstream media want to totally distance themselves from the WHO, so tell us your story. You really are saying that the CCP, Chinese Communist Party, and whether it’s the Beijing CDC, the entire chain of command knew about the outbreak of this virus in Wuhan and Hubei, much earlier than they led on, they knew about it actually in late December or early January, explain that.
  3. 22:30 During this time people got to remember I think it was January 14th and 15th, Liu He and a delegation of the senior cadre of the Chinese Communist Party was right down the street in the white house in the east room, shaking the hand of the President of the United States, and signing the first phase of the China deal.  Now I just want to go back, Dr Yan, to make sure I understand this. You are saying  in late December early January, they knew they had an outbreak in Wuhan and Hubei province, they knew they had community spread, human-to-human transmission, you can prove that and that all happened in the early part of January of 2020. [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  4. 23:16  OK and so they came here, I think people find that shocking, you were in the reference lab, really I guess the overview, supervisory lab to make sure what’s going on in these P3, P4 labs in mainland China is OK. But on January 12th, the WHO puts out a press release that says, after consultation with senior medical officials in China, the CCP, there is no community spread and there is no human-to-human transmission. Then they tweet out on the 14th the same thing, the exact date the delegation from the Chinese Communist party is having dinner with their American counterparts here. So was the WHO lying? Did you guys in Hong Kong not get them the right information? Was the CCP lying to them? How did the WHO put out those two proclamations publicly when you are saying this was all known two weeks or three weeks beforehand? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  5.  24:51   First you were assigned to find out what was going on as the head lab technician. Then you start finding out and it contradicts what the WHO was putting out. Are you warned? Did you go to your supervisor to say hey there is a big disconnect between what the truth is, what is coming out, and did they say anything to you? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  6. 25:46 When someone tells you not to cross the red line, as someone from mainland China, what’s your interpretation on that?  [China and Chinese Communist Party] 
  7. 27:45  I think this is one of the questions that people have, we are literally two blocks from the White House…I think people can’t understand is Hong Kong University is a revered institution, this P3 lab is kinda revered too, that’s why it is a reference lab by the WHO. Dr Gabriel Leung, Malik, these people are the top of their profession. In fact, they are known as the SARS hunters.  The whole purpose of the lab and the prestige of Hong Kong University, is because they were so great in finding out about SARS, and SARS is such a potential problem. We know now that the CCP virus is only SARS-2, why is it that someone that run the technical side of the laboratory, why couldn’t you come public and state your case in Hong Kong? Why did you have to flee in the darker night to the United States? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  8. 30:18 One last question, in your best professional knowledge, is this virus something that naturally came out of the fresh market in Wuhan, or is this something you think is somehow from a gain-of-function experiment, or some sort of weapons program, or whatever that came out of a lab in Wuhan. Is this natural, or is this not natural? [Truth and origin of Covid-19]               

Fox Bill Hemmer Reports 13 Jul 2020

  1. 0:22 You arrived in the US at the end of April, you said you are now in hiding, you believe the Chinese Communist Government has lied about what happened? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  2. 0:50 What did the Chinese lie about that you can prove? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  3. 1:20 Your claim is that at the end of December there is human-to-human transmission, and the Chinese government, the World Health Organisation did not cope up to that until three weeks later. If you were right, how would things be different around the world, and here in the US? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  4. 1:55 OK, so you have said then, you invited your husband to come with you, he did not. You have spoken to the FBI, who is investigating your story? [Personal experiences and plans]
  5. 2:20 OK, can you prove it (your story)? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  6. 2:36 Just to be clear, not can you prove whether or not you talked to the FBI, can you prove your claim that Beijing is lying? [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  7. 3:08 OK, you believe that your life is in jeopardy and you will not go back to Hong Kong, how come? [Personal experiences and plans]
  8. 3:59 But the Chinese embassy here in the US says they don’t know who you are, and to quote them they say, “We have not heard about this person”, referring to you. What do you say to that? [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  9. 4:33 Last question here, I asked you who is investigating your story. Maybe I can reframe the question, what is the US government now able to do with your information, Dr, if you are right? [Solution to the pandemic]

First interview by Fox 10 Jul 2020

Exact interview questions not shown, but the video is divided into various sections based on Dr Yan’s response:

  1. 00:02 A whistleblower from a WHO reference laboratory in Hong Kong is alleging a Covid19 cover up in an exclusive Fox interview. [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  2. 00:30 Dr Li-Meng Yan says she tried to speak up overseas, and was forced to leave her friends and family behind. [Personal experiences and plans]
  3. 01:05 Her early research into the virus was allegedly covered up, and could have helped fight the spreads of Covid19. [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  4. 02:29 The doctors willing to share information with Dr Yan were obviously scared. [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  5. 03:08 On January 16, she says she was asked to reach out to her China contacts again, since the government was providing few details. What she found troubled her. [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  6. 03:51 This is when the cover up of her research began, she says. [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  7. 05:08 When it appeared to her that her boss Dr Poon, and the co-director of the WHO reference lab Dr Peiris, had failed to pass along her findings… [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  8. 05:50 The WHO denied Dr Yan’s claims, and told FOX “many people do work for us as consultants…but again this does not make [Dr Yan, Dr Peiris and Dr Poon] staff members and once again they do not represent WHO.” Fox News was unable to reach the doctors for comments. The spokesperson for China’s embassy told FOX they had “never heard of” Dr Yan, and that “The Chinese government has responded swiftly and effectively to Covid19 since its outbreak.” [CCP Cover-up and mishandling]
  9. 06:09 Despite the risk, she started leaking to a US based blogger, who published her findings on January 19. But only in Chinese. [Personal experiences and plans]
  10. 07:13 Weeks later, she received a dire warning from the blogger. [Personal experiences and plans]
  11. 07:32 Her husband worked in the same lab. She says he knew about her research, was close to Dr Peiris and supported her research in private. But when she asked him to come with her, and explained what was happening… [Personal experiences and plans]
  12. 08:18 With the help of a political exile group, she left the country without raising any alarms. [Personal experiences and plans]
  13. 09:27 She says the FBI interviewed her for hours, took her phone for evidence, and allowed her to continue travelling. [Personal experiences and plans]
  14. 09:36 But a very different scene was unfolding back in Hong Kong. [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  15. 10:01 Suddenly she lost access to her work accounts and email, even though she says she was on approved annual leave at the time. Then the cyber-attacks began. [Personal experiences and plans]
  16. 11:10 The University of Hong Kong told Fox News that Dr Yan “is no longer a staff member,” but would not comment on when or why she was terminated. Now she believes that everyone she knew is likely in danger. [China and Chinese Communist Party]
  17. 11:54 She believes her own life is in danger, too, but she says time is running out for the world to do what’s right. [Solution to the pandemic]
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CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
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CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !
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