9/28 Bannon War Room: Between Vatican and the CCP, a lot about the scandal will be coming out

September 28, Bannon War Room Highlight 1: Miles Guo said they are getting 2 billion dollars here in cash money, and it shows a full pathway to full diplomatic relations the Vatican to recognize Beijing at some point time. That’s why it’s secret! They’re getting cash for recognition. It’s dead broke there’s no cash. They’re taking cash from their lipstick atheistic partnership!

September 28, Bannon War Room Highlight 2: And at the time, Miles Guo came on the show. Hey! they are taking cash and they are supplying boys, right? So you’re gonna see a lot about the scandal coming out. The BGY, the Chinese intelligence services, and you’re going to see a lot coming out. I think about the Biden family, and their involvement with the Chinese Communist Party taking money from the Chinese Communist Party, and maybe some others things, right? But you’re going to see a lot about this coming out. The CCP is everywhere!


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