CCP Virus Targets Certain Race Ethnicity Groups?The Biological Rationale for the Higher Prevalence of Infection in Non-Hispanic Blacks Is found

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A recently published article in the Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities describes the biological relevance of genetic polymorphism of ACE deletion with higher prevalence in African Americans in context of CCP Virus infection.It is reported in the paper that “in the USA, the frequency of ACE D allele was higher in non-Hispanic Black compared with non-Hispanic White and Mexican Americans” and that the CCP Virus “binding mediated reduction/inactivation of ACE-II can increase ACE/Ang-II signalling pathway and related pathologies” and “the presence of ACE DD polymorphism with COVID-19 infection likely augments ACE/Ang-II activities, increasing severity of COVID-19 morbidities and impacts outcomes”. The conclusion is that “ethnic prevalence of ACE DD polymorphism can explain in part the severity of COVID-19 morbidity providing rationale for the use of ACE-I/ARBSs to improve outcomes”.

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