An arduous consensus is taking root- the push for over the counter availability of HCQ in New Zealand

Author JJF (English), Tex Hill (Chinese)

On the 19th of September, New Zealand’s largest local media, the New Zealand Herald published an Australian article regarding a double-blind experiment of hydroxychloroquine sulfate titled “Covid 19 coronavirus: Hydroxychloroquine: The drug that could be our saviour”.  For many local supporters of the whistle-blower movement, this was a pleasant surprise. Although the article was simply a reprint, the act of publishing the report itself is telling. We must acknowledge the promotional efforts made by all our supporters.

The reporting by local media regarding the truth of Covid-19 including HCQ has been extremely limited. What little is reported has been overwhelmingly negative. The New Zealand government allocated funds in April of this year to conduct research on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and several other drugs in the treatment of the CCP virus. However, this effort was terminated within weeks supposedly due to a lack of positive case numbers in New Zealand. It is clear that the narrative effectively mirrors that of the World Health Organization (WHO).  Since then, HCQ has rarely been mentioned in New Zealand’s mainstream media. Even conducting a generic search for  ‘hydroxychloroquine’ as a keyword on government agency websites including the Ministry of Health and Parliament yield zero results.

Compared with the silence of the New Zealand government and media, the consistent voice of supporters coming from all walks of life revealing the truth about the virus, including the effectiveness of HCQ, appear to be particularly high-profile. This important work began at the very early stages since the establishment of the Himalaya New Zealand Farm. In addition to tweeting original material and retweeting existing content, we also actively operate in newer battlefields such as Facebook and Instagram amongst others. Further, we have established an all-English working group called ‘Himalaya Kiwi’ whose job it is to focus on outreach in relation to the general New Zealand population.

Examples include actively communicating with local members of parliament, media outlets and the distribution of custom made pamphlets. Thousands of these were distributed in a very short amount of time both prior to and after our global 727 protests. These brochures began to quickly ferment in the community. Interestingly, in parallel, we discovered an unrelated organization distributing pamphlets containing information consistent with the truth of Covid-19.  These actions triggered the first major discussion amongst conservative circles. We are able to actually observe through various social media platforms their changing attitudes away from the left leaning mainstream media fantasy of Covid-19 being from nature to that of being a man-made biological weapon from the CCP lab.

The new conservative party is one we have actively pursued a relationship with and we are now starting to see the fruits of our labour. Members of the new conservative party are now starting to proactively engage us for discussion on related matters including discussing our distributed pamphlets that their members have received. All of this was confirmed during the second round of email communication. The HCQ evidence sent to new conservative members were well received and full support has since been given to our members in their respective electorates. Our actions have deepened their understanding of HCQ and has had a positive impact on their push for over the counter HCQ availability.

In the push for HCQ to be a non-prescription drug in New Zealand, we initiated a campaign collecting signatures for a petition to parliament in mid-August. Unexpectedly, the parliamentary department responsible for processing such applications continuously delayed our approval. After repeatedly submitting the required material, we still have not received a response. The unreasonable refusal in granting approval also reflects the government’s stance on this matter. We cannot help but speculate on the interest groups involved behind the scenes. Sure enough, by the end of August, the New Zealand Prime Minister announced hundreds of millions of dollars would be set aside for the purchase of vaccines.

We then started a petition on and asked our supporters in all electorates to reach out to their member of parliament. The aim of this was to inform them of our petition with the view for submission to government on our behalf. Through their response, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of their view points. It is worth noting that New Zealand’s largest opposition party, National’s healthcare spokesperson Shane Reti, initially only gave a standardized response to our information. Further communication with Mr Reti did not elicit a different response. This was until we sent him Dr. Yan’s recent publication and emphasized that we must face this matter for the benefit of all mankind. Mr Reti then unexpectedly responded with a meaningful word, ‘understood’. We cannot fully derive what Mr Reti wants to express by his response, however what we can clearly observe is change. Every effort we make may well trigger a series of butterfly effects.

The earliest contact we had with the New Zealand Herald was regarding the demonstration against the unreasonable withhold of GTV investments by ANZ Bank. We reached out to their economics column editor and took the opportunity to briefly introduce  CCP’s information warfare. After Dr. Yan’s first interview with Fox News, we discovered the New Zealand Herald had also reported this event. Although the report was brief, it reproduced Dr. Yan’s Fox interview as is, with no additional commentary.This is in contrast to another recent article from Newshub, citing false facts by compromised scientists globally in its attack of Dr. Yan. This is in line with standard left leaning media propaganda and as a result, they have quietly revealed the different perspectives on the matter. It isn’t difficult for us to observe the silent forces at play behind the scenes, neither of these two reports named their author. 

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