Insights By Mr. Jiang: Taking Down The CCP Through Financial Sectors

Author: 文紫,海啸– Finance and Current Affairs Workgroup, Himalaya Farm Canada
Translator: 瑞卡, Gordon Sims

The following is based on the content of Jiang Caishen’s live connection in the financial and current affairs workgroup.

The Communist Manifesto has described the communist party as a ghost. Throughout the history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), this ghost that it created did not have any productive ability. One of the main tricks that the CCP uses to survive in history would be playing Ponzi schemes. In this episode, we are going to talk about the Ponzi schemes that the CCP played in the financial system.

The economy of the CCP is driven by three areas: foreign trade processing, real estate, and domestic demand domestic consumption.

How does the CCP play the Ponzi schemes?

Foreign trade:
The CCP relies on selling every citizen’s hard-earned money, labour force, life, safety, welfare, human rights, and other resources in exchange for hundreds of billions of foreign exchange each year. It uses these exchanges to support domestic bogus real estate market and consumption. Ever since the financial crisis in 2008, China’s export sectors have been constantly descending, and some international trade companies have even generated zero profits. To offset this effect, the CCP adopted policies to reducethe costs, print money, provide export subsidies, implement low-price dumping strategies to manipulate the oversea markets. The CCP also kept purchasing US dollars to maintain an export-oriented economy. Yet, money is not made out of the nowhere. The side effects of subsidizing exports through printing money are the loss of purchasing power of domestic currencies, as well as overdraft of the government’s credits.

Real Estate:
China owns a real estate market valued at 240 trillion CNY, with an annual price rising at an annual rate of 17.4% , which is equivalent to about 35~40 trillion CNY in the value . Nevertheless, China’s overall GDP this year is about 90 trillion CNY, exceeding the previous annual GDP by 5 trillion CYN.

This means the CCP has been to generating 35-40 trillion CNY worth of GDP annually through increasing real estate prices. The GDP was reported to be growing at 5 trillion CNY a year; therefore, China was actually losing nearly 30 trillion CNY a year.
Why has the CCP been seizing land? Because land provides the fastest way to generate GDP. this also explains why the housing price cannot drop. If the real estate price decreases by 10%, the government loses about 24 trillion CNY of GDP. Hence, the CCP has to firmly manipulate the housing price to ensure the market does not crash, forming a situation where the supply significantly exceeds the demand.

Domestic Demand:
After the raging floodwater disasters, deadly COVID-19, and sanctions by foreign countries , there is nothing left to satisfy the domestic demand. Even survival has become a critical problem.

How Could The CCP Still (Continue to )Survive?

Without Hong Kong, the CCP would be in a worse situation in comparison to North Korea. After the loss of Hong Kong’s special trading status, 70%-80% of foreign investments were cut off.This is why Mr. Guo has been constantly mentioning Hong Kong to be the first gate to take down the CCP. He has also said that (the CCP) is most afraid of someone debunking its financial Ponzi schemes and up the its funding dries up. Other than that, (the CCP) is also afraid that people under the regime withhold their wealth from the government.

The whistleblower movement has not only revealed the 3F plan, the Blue-Gold-Yellow (BGY) plan, and the truth of COVID-19 on the political arena, but also the exposed Ponzi schemes in the financial sectors. As it appeared to Noah’s Ark for Chinese people all over the world, the G series from Himalaya will save countless lives and will be the only remedy to this catastrophe.

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take down ccp, it is evil


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Sep. 16, 2020