12-year-old girl subdued by Hong Kong riot police

September 6 is the original polling day for the reelection of the Hong Kong Legislative Council. Hong Kong netizens launched the “Heyong Kowloon March” to protest the Hong Kong National Security Law and the one-year postponement of the election. When the riot police were advancing on Xiyangcai South Street, they threw a 12-year-old girl onto the ground to apprehend her. One of the policemen even rode on the girl.

According to reports from various Hong Kong media outlets, the police were advancing along Saiyang Choi South Street at about 4 pm. A 12-year-old girl was trying to leave when she saw police approaching with batons and shields, but was attacked by a riot police officer from the side. At least three police officers surrounded her and suppressed her onto the ground.

The Hong Kong police issued a statement saying that the girl fled suddenly and appeared suspicious. The police followed the person and subdued her with the minimum required force; the girl and other assembled people were later charged for violating the gathering restriction order.

The Hong Kong police stated that they “are very concerned about the participation of underage girls in banned group gatherings, and they are even more worried that the personal safety of the minors will be threatened if they are in chaotic and illegal demonstrations,” and called on minors to stay away from high-risk demonstrations.

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Sep. 07, 2020