It is More Blessed to Give than to Receive – Handing Out Wake-Up Canada Flyers

By Himalaya Farm Canada 文锦

Proofread by 小甜虾

When I received a message that Wake-Up Canada flyers are printed out, I wondered where to send it first.

I was given a free combo and a full handful of chocolates by a small, family-run restaurant in a cold winter night last year. The sincere smiles and the words “God bless you!” made me truly appreciate the kind-hearted people and believe that immigrated to Canada is the right choice for me! It was a feeling I had never felt in mainland China. I made up my mind at that time that I would pass this love on.

Now the time has come! I haven’t driven my car since the CCP virus (COVID-19)outbreak, but I have courage and gratitude. Action! Action! Action!

After I got the flyer, I headed straight to that small restaurant. The cozy place has gone, no more dine-in! I saw the doorway blocked with a table and a plastic sneeze guard. The CCP virus pandemic has changed so much! At first a Chinese clerk came; She was a little timid when she saw the flyer. Later, a stout Caucasian guy came up. When I saw his clear eyes–that was him! I thanked him for helping me. Then I asked him “Do you know how to restore your business?” I explained the origin of the CCP virus, whistleblower virologist Dr. Yan,Li-Meng and how to end the pandemic, he listened very carefully, got the flyer and thanked me.

It has inspired me so much! I kept sending flyers to other stores on the street!

When I walked into a restaurant, the owner greeted me friendly and listened to my explanation. When I went to a bar where music was playing, the bartender turned off the speaker and listened to me. When I went to a boutique, the owner and customers were talking about the badly impact of the pandemic on their lives, and I handed out flyers and explained to them all. When I went to a barber shop, I found they knew Dr. Yan Li-Meng! When I went to a funeral home, a smiling lady in a neat uniform opened the door, listened to my explanation and took the flyer.

When I went to put the flyer on the door of a nursing home, I met a staff member. I asked him: “Do you know how to protect yourself from COVID-19 and end the pandemic? Have you heard of whistleblower virologist Dr. Yan, Li-Meng? She was the only official communicator between the official representative designated by the WHO and the CCP rogue government. There are many interviews and videos about her in difference languages online. But Canadian main stream media keep silence. We need to know the truth and protect ourselves!”He was very delighted!

Even some people were not interested about the flyer, I’m Ok with it. Because during the three-year Whistleblower Movement, I have already faced a lot challenges when I told the truth of the CCP to my friends and family.

A popular buffet which has opened for decades and has more than a hundred employees is going to shut down this weekend. I decided to go there.

It was getting hot and humid, and my legs were getting heavy. I remember my compatriots in Hong Kong who fight for freedom, and my comrades participated in NFSC Global Anti-CCP Demonstrations. It’s time to stand up!

When I arrived there, the door was closed! I found an Italian-Canadian family who were leaving the restaurant very upset. I asked them:” Do you know what is the origin of the COVID-19?” They were stunned, I handed them a flyer and said, “Look, it’s the CCP lab-made bioweapon!” They got the message and said they had heard of it, gesturing for “money” while saying that the CCP was like the Mafia. I said it was eviler than that! Because the CCP threatens all humanity—- this restaurant had to closed, our lifestyles had been forced to change and our lives are in danger! They agreed with me and kept the flyer.

Then, I put flyers on the door of the restaurant. Some old customers came by and took pictures in front of the restaurant. They saw the eye-catching flyers and read them carefully.

The flyers seem very simple, but our comrades make every effort to plan, write, discuss, and design until get the final version. Without a firm belief, it could not be completed. It was really gratifying to see people paying attention to the flyers.

CCP has deeply infiltrated into Canada. Canadian government and mainstream media keep silent to the truth of the origin of CCP virus and exaggerate the side effects of hydroxychloroquine which is effective for precaution and early treatment of CCP virus. We’ve tried everything, like contacting government officials, mainstream media, appealing on social media, holding Global Anti-CCP Demonstrations….

This time, we hand out flyers to the public, each flyer could affect a small business or a family! If more and more people know the truth and take action, we will be safe.

When I drove through the roads and saw countless small business, I remember a story about a boy who saved the small fish in a puddle back to the sea. There were hundreds or thousands of small fish in a drying puddle, A guy said:” Just give up! You can’t save them all.”But while the boy was picking up and throwing fish, he continued to mutter: “This one cares, this one cares, and there is this one, this one, and this one….”

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灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down ccp

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God make ccp to die, ccp is an evil

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CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !


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