A Glimpse of the New Federal State of China Global Peaceful Protests Aug. 29-30

August 29, when many people started the day with a cup of coffee like any other Summer weekend, hundreds of Chinese people of the New Federal State of China and the “Whistleblower Movement” went onto the streets in several cities around the world to voluntarily join in the peaceful protests against the Chinese Communist Party. It was a meaningful day for many of them as they publicly stood against the evil party for the first time in life. They held the flag of the New Federal State of China high, chanted “take down the CCP”, expressed their determination to stand with each other and fight for the freedom, democracy and rule of law for China. The well-organized protests were approved by the local authorities and went smoothly. As the CCP is known for its harassing and bullying its own people with retribution, this was really a battlefield for these people who, though, live overseas but care for their 1.4 billion fellow Chinese people. Mr. Guo Wengui, the founder of the New Federal State of China and the leader and pioneer of the “Whistleblower Movement” against the CCP, has said that the New Federal State of China is new hope, new power, and a China without the CCP is going to thrive and benefit the whole world.

Osaka, Japan
Nagoya, Japan
Munich, Germany
San Francisco, USA
San Francisco, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Tucson, USA
Vancouver, Canada
Taipei, Taiwan

Mr. Guo (Miles) Wengui’s Getter posts:

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1 year ago

God make ccp to die, ccp is an evil

1 year ago

CCP is a devil .
CCP is a thief .
CCP is a liar .
CCP is a murderer .
CCP is a agent of Satan .
CCP is hurting people .
CCP is destroying democracy .
CCP is demolishing human civilization .
CCP is spawnning virus .
CCP is breaking our freedom .
CCP is breaking our life style .
CCP is standing against with people .
We have never appointed CCP as our agent .
We don’t believe CCP.
Let’s take down CCP !


[…] of China and the “Whistleblower Movement” on August 29 and 30 (read more on the protests 1 2) demanding the truth of the CCP virus show that the Chinese people’s battle against the Chinese […]

灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down ccp

1 year ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !


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Aug. 29, 2020