August 29, Financial News: Decoupling is on the way; Banks are thrilling

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1. The NZX website has been targeted by the four-day assault since Tuesday. On 28th it was hit one hour after opening and the exchange was knocked offline until 1:00pm NZ time.  The Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) has been directed to investigate and help. NZX had been rising over the past months this year as New Zealand appeared to have a better control of the pandemic before being blowed by the new community cluster cases coming up since 11th this month.

2. The world is shocked: India has begun to decouple from China in the crude oil trade. The original refinery of India decided last week to stop sending crude oil import tenders to Chinese trading companies (including CNOOC, Sinopec and PetroChina). India has restricted Chinese investment, cancelled Chinese companies’ bidding for government procurement contracts in India, and banned nearly 300 mobile application services developed by China.

3. Herbalife’s stock price plummeted. New York prosecutors filed criminal proceedings and stock trading was suspended. Then ZeroHedge posted on Twitter: Prosecutors reached a consensus with Herbalife on Friday regarding the alleged conspiracy to violate the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. From 2007 to 2016, Herbalife provided corruption benefits to Chinese officials (including those in contact with government agencies and the media) to expand its business in the country.

4. The Secretary of State Pompeo said, the United States is dismayed to learn the Chinese Communist Party continues to bully our British friends and their corporate leaders. HSBC maintains accounts for individuals sanctioned for denying Hong Kongers’ freedom, while shutting accounts for those seeking freedom.

5. President Trump announced at the Republican convention that if he is elected, the Republican Party’s policy towards China would be: (1) All the industrial chain will be moved out of China, brought back to the United States, and will no longer have any dependence on the CCP. (2) Build a super energy power, and maintain energy independence. (3) Win the 5G competition and build the best cyber system and missile defense system in the world.

6. CCP fines Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) and China Construction Bank (CCB) $13 million (RMB 92M ) for their 32 irregularities, which includes lots of illegal credit.

By:【G Translator – Financial and Law Team】

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1 year ago

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take down ccp

1 year ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
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