August 27, Summary of Himalaya Australia’s live broadcast with Mr. Miles Guo

1. The overall impression of Australia

Mr. Guo first visited Australia in 1987. When he revisited Austria again in 1997, things had changed significantly. However, with the booming economy, Australia has been totally controlled by the CCP. Mr. Guo immediately realized this as early as 1997 because the Australians were and are too greedy and they will do anything when they are given enough money. The design of the Sydney Opera House inspired Mr. Guo with his own construction projects.  Mr. Guo has strong bonds with Australia, and most of the earliest fellow fighters of the Whistleblowers’ Movement in Australia have left. But An Hong and Mu Lan are still fighting with us.

2. The falling of traditional media and the future of GTV/GNews

The deep state is a collusion between a specific ethnic group and Wall Street. Five families have dominated the global media, this is ridiculous. They achieved their dominance through economic control as well as political control. Therefore, Himalaya Australia will need to acquire local media and merge them with the GTV to strengthen ourselves. There has never been any role to play for Chinese people within the world of western media. Mr.Guo is the only person who has the ability to create a solely-Chinese-own independent media. The purpose of GTV is so that Chinese people can have their own media from now on. The CCP virus has forever changed how people live. Our lives from now on will be increasingly internet dependent. GTV/GNews will be one of a kind and there will be no comparison to be found.

3. The future development of Himalaya Australia

Geographically,Australia is located in the Asia Pacific region, but it also has the influence from traditional British culture, which makes it a very special place. Politically, Australia does not have the option to be neutral. It can either submit to the CCP or break away from it. To develop the Australia Himalaya Farm,  the first thing is to unite more fellow fighters; the second thing is to acquire local media; the third thing is to take advantage of your social network, and the fourth thing is to gather more wealth. The big investors don’t want to go through the Australia Farm to avoid the complicated situations there. The Himalaya Australia needs to have its economic plans. The worldwide economic turmoil will also impact Australia. The financial market will have huge fluctuations, and the property market will collapse. However, its economy will rebound quickly, and the new Chinese people will be the mainstream of Australia. The Australian financial industry is relatively open and has special talents from Europe and UK, which is good for our G-series. The real entities will be set up in Australia for sure. Hotels and restaurants will fight to sign contracts with G-club. We have to seize these opportunities. Australia Farm is the first of all Himalaya Farms to register a G-Club company. Australia, New Zealand, UK, America, Japan and the other countries should become the talent education base for the New Federal State of China to provide a talent pool for the future leaders of China. Mr. Guo will fully support the development of Australia Farm, but you have to be united and have actions.

4. Miles Guo’s views on faith and superstition

Superstition is basically a lie. The CCP took advantage of the Chinese nations’ propensity to be unified and turned faith into blind loyalty and superstition. Sexual production is called superstition and asexual production is called faith. That’s about the difference between certainty and uncertainty. All the stories made up by religions are superstition. Religions are established on superstition, while the true faith is founded in the belief in the afterlife. Faith is truthfulness and benevolence, with courage and pitilessness being the means and manifestations.

Regarding entrapment, the FBI temporarily skipped arresting the fake democracy activists to find out who paid them. That must be Bruno Wu and Jack Ma. The DOJ case is also an entrapment. Elliot Broidy, Steve Wynn, and others would also be arrested. 

Chen Guangcheng is 100% a liar. He had previously been anti-Trump and was surprisingly invited to give a speech for the Republican Party. The U.S. has experienced great difficulty. The CCP and the U.S. are in a zero-sum game. The U.S. must take action. There would be big actions taken by Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K. The U.S. must have a clear understanding of reality.

5. The biggest challenge of the 21st Century

The communist virus is the biggest problem. The West also has plunder and BGY, which, however, are restricted by law and are publicized. However the CCP has a huge problem with the way it distributes wealth, with only a handful of families being served by the entire population. The CCP rendered the whole world to follow it, to be stripped of faith, and to go backwards to be livestock. Human beings have been unprecedentedly selfish and greedy, which is the regression of mankind. Eliminating the communist thought is a must in the 21st century.

6. Development of G-series in Australia

G-series will kick off in Australia this September and/or October, which may shock you, my dear fellow fighters. The Australian government has had no less than 20 meetings to discuss G-series and related issues. Miles Guo has confidence and believes that we can plug our flag of the New Federal State of China in the centre of Australia and shall stay and remain there forever. One of the key issues is that we shall have an exchange market for G-coin and G-dollar and our G-series has provided such a platform.  Australia is one of the key countries for virtual currencies and let’s wait and see.   

G-fashion works best in a region with distinct four seasons, and therefore Australia and New Zealand are among the important markets for fashion business.  In Australia, our Chinese population is about 3 million.  Even if we only have 300,000 Chinese people in Australia, we still can transform the whole fashion industry over there. Fall/winter collections are the most profitable for the fashion industry. We can open G-fashion offline store(s) in Australia.  G-Fashion can make Australia our No. 1 market.

7. CCP has changed its strategy against Miles by claiming Miles is a dangerous person threatening world peace, which means CCP is now terrified by Miles and the Whistleblowers’ Movement

A fellow fighter within the CCP system who kept contacts with Miles 24/7 notified Miles about this new CCP’s strategy. Miles asked him/her to leave the CCP China immediately.  This fellow fighter listened to Miles’ advice and traveled to another country. He/she currently obtained political asylum (immigration status), and he/she is now helping Dr. Yan with the translation work.  The local government officials also met with him/her, and his/her life has changed tremendously.  If Miles has ever told a lie in the past three years and ever collaborated with CCP on one tiny thing, he would be dead.  We must believe in what we’re doing and shall be dedicated and determined without hesitation.

Michael Forsyth (a reporter for New York Times) had a drink with Miles before. He thinks he knows everything about CCP politics, and he even has a Chinese girlfriend.  However, Forsythe is now saying the information exposed by Miles has never been verified. Now, you’re seeing the so-called the Western mainstream media is synchronized with the CCP’s tone, and those must have been part of the CCP’s grand propaganda.  Dear fellow fighters, we must win this propaganda warfare.

Also, the CCP diplomats are now accusing that Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying have been charged with crimes in CCP China. However, the Spanish government declined their ridiculous request and even offered military support to the couple. This is a great embarrassment for the CCP officials.

CCP is now seeing the fact that the Western world has started to believe in the New Federal State of China, and believe the strategies to take down CCP with America’s support and take down the CCP by the CCP insiders – all strategies working effectively.  Now, more and more CCP insiders have started to believe in the New Federal State of China because now they believe our Whistleblowers’ Movement has the capability to take down the CCP.  This is the reason why CCP has changed its strategy against Miles and the Whistleblowers’ Movement, and this is the fundamental change – a pivotal change.

8. The meaning of the Pangu Badge

Wang Yanping lived and worked in Beijing before 2016. She worked on the design of the “Pangu Badge”.  She later risked her life and brought those badges to Miles in the United States.

We have seen the construction of Pangu Plaza completed and many amazing and unexpected things happened to Miles in the past years, which is the best evidence to prove Miles’ determination and capabilities.  CCP’s lies cannot tarnish the great achievements of Miles Guo.

Pangu is one of the top achievements in Mile’s career, which means a lot to him.

9. Miles respects the wonderful Chinese women

Dr. Yan’s husband even planned to kill her. He is such a villain, who has sold his soul to CCP for promotion and money.  Dr. Yan, such a wonderful lady, she shouldn’t have married this kind of person.  Look at those great and wonderful ladies, such as An Hong and Mu Lan, I wish them all safe and happiness for the rest of their lives.

By:Skagen, 人间四月

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God make ccp to die, ccp is an evil

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take down ccp

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CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !


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