HK Secretary for Justice Intervenes Private Prosecution Against Pro-CCP driver

HK Secretary for Justice intervene private prosecution against a pro-CCP driver, allowing defendant lawyer to recoup legal fee from pro-democratic lawmaker.

Democratic Party lawmaker Ted Hui Chi-fung initiated a private prosecution in February against Henry Cheng Kwok-chun, a driver who rammed his car into a crowd of pro-democracy protesters and severely wounding at least one young woman in 2019.

On August 20, 2020, it was revealed that Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng had taken the rare step of intervening in the case, informing Hui that the Department of Justice would exercise its power to end the case and that the defendant Cheng would be exempted from testifying in court.

Subsequently, the law firm representing Cheng wrote to Hui’s lawyer in bid of seeking HK$82,000 to cover its expenses. The law firm representing the defendant, K.C Ho & Fong, has Beijing loyalist Junius Ho Kwan-yiu as a senior partner. The litigation fees include lawyer’s fee for Junius Ho at HK$9,400 per hour, stating the reason that “the summons should never have been taken out by the applicant at all”.

Disapproving the claim and the Secretary for Justice’s intervention, Hui called it absurd, pointing out that the authorities are attempting to frame this private prosecution as a trivial act with malicious intention. Hui believes that any sensible person could see the reasonable doubt in Cheng purposefully driving his car into the crowd.

As of August 24, the request of the Secretary for Justice was formalized in court.

Source: Stand News

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