HK Govt Announces Universal Testing Scheme Despite Suspicion from Professionals

Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced Beijing-sponsored and organized programmes for universal coronavirus testing of the millions of Hong Kong residents to begin on September 1st, and that the the first testing period will range from 7 to 14 days. However, as the plan doesn’t come along with quarantine measures, its effects came with suspicion from the medical field.

Microbiologist Ho Pak-Leung, head of the University of Hong Kong’s Center for Infection, cast doubts on its effectiveness. He pointed out that when the incubation period of the virus was about 5 days, if the government were unable to test for all residents within 4 days, not only would asymptomatic patients spread quickly in the community, the percentage of false negative cases would increase drastically.

Professor David SC Hui, member of the government’s disease-combating advisory group and Chairman of the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, admitted that without quarantine orders, the practicality of the plan was much lowered. However, he said this was what the government had anticipated.

Pneumoconiosis specialist Dr. Leung Chi-Chiu, on the another hand, expressed worries, as the government can cover at best about one-forth of all transmission chains, which may make residents heedless of the risks of a potential surge.

Source: Stand News

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