The Intention of “I Am Sing-ro”: a Stage for Ordinary Heroes in the Whistleblowers Movement

“I Am Sing-ro”writing team Written by Hannah, Translated by Paratrouper, Edited by Kardia

Among the companions of Mountains of Spices, U.S. East, several Music lovers came up with an idea — to produce the first album in history that commemorates the extermination of the Chinese Communist Party and pays homage to the founding of the New Federal States of China(NFSC) . They reached out to Ms.Tang Ping and Mr.William Wong, two composers of the NFSC national anthem,  and the SkyShouter band, a group of musicians affiliated with the Whistleblower Movement. All their ideas lined up instantaneously.

Here is how in one of their brainstorm sessions,

 “Huh? Why don’t we gather all the Himalaya Farms around the world to host a music talent  show? Open Audition…Reality TV Show… telling stories about the ordinary fighters in the Whistleblower Movement ” 

“Good idea!” 

“What would be the name for the show?”

The time of the session happened to be on the day when Ms.Tang and William Wong wrote the new song Hero. Therefore, someone suggested “Why don’t we name the show I am a hero?”

 “Sounds great, how about changing it to Sing-ro, as for  heroic singers?”


 Just like that, I am a Sing’ro,the first ever music talent show hosted by the NFSC, came into being.

Ms.Tang has been repeatedly saying, “The show hosted by Mr.Lude gathers great heroes, and our show gathers unsung heroes.”

  We have been looking for ways to record the stories of ordinary heroes in the Whistleblower Movement. There is so much firmness, bravery, passion, and transformation that needs to be remembered, as well as bitterness, entanglement, helplessness, and sorrow shared. They are like small pieces of gold dust, uneasy to notice. Music is a good deliverer. I am Sing-ro wants to recognize these gold pieces one by one, so they can brighten the hearts of more compatriots. 

They are the humble people around you, me and everyone else. Although rarely put on the spotlight, they are ordinary and real. This platform is built for these ordinary heroes and for listeners having the opportunity to enjoy the voices from the bottom of their heart.

Our music will be ballistic, piercing the heart of CCP.

“I wish I Am Sing-ro the music talent program a great success. Hope it brings more passion, power, and righteousness out of our fellow fighters and transforms them into hammers that smash CCP”,said Miles Guo.

“Music video is culture, and culture can help us take down the CCP. Really appreciate all the work you’re doing and all great musicians and young talents you’re working with. Great fight! Part of the fight here! Take down CCP!” said Mr.Steve Bannon

“We cannot take down CCP without you or your music! You are the last straw that breaks the CCP! Music is our weapon and yours could be the bullet that pierces the heart of CCP!”, echoed by the leaders from Himalaya Farms all across the globe.

Music lovers from NFSC, Action, Action, Action! Let out the voices from the bottom of your heart. Give your support to I am Sing-ro the music talent show!

Singer Regesitration by filling application form:

Lyrics and songwriting please send to [email protected]

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1 year ago

ccp must go to hell

灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down ccp

1 year ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !


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