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14th Aug 2020

On Monday the 10th August 2020, Jimmy Lai, founder and owner of Hong Kong Apple Daily, and nine other pro-democracy activists were arrested by the Hong Kong police. These arrests were over allegations including endangering national security and colluding with foreign forces contrary to the National Security Law imposed by Beijing from the 7th July.

Upon the arrest of Jimmy Lai, the people of Hong Kong showed their solidarity. On the following Tuesday, they bought up all 550,000 printed and reprinted copies of Apple Daily. In two consecutive days since Monday, they bought into the shares of Next Media Ltd, 71% share of which is owned by Lai, and pushed the corporate market price up by 331%.

Meanwhile, the governments of the US, the U.K. and the EU promptly issued strong statements, expressing grave concerns about the arrests of the Hong Kong activists and requesting Beijing to immediately release them.

Under various pressures, on Tuesday the Communist government released all ten activists on bail.

HongKongers strongly support you!

Apple Daily staff hold on. Thank you very much for staying on working. Even if you issue blank sheets of paper, we will buy them up!

House raid with no warrant

Clause 43, National Security Law, taking effect from 7th July

Under the National Security Law, nobody is left untouched.

Apple Daily – HongKongers’ newspaper.

An Apple Daily a day.

Your such stand does not surprise me.

Police media liaison team: We are superior to locally renowned mainstream media.

No coverage by Stand News and inmediahk.

Entry is only allowed to the media which previously did not affect or obstruct the police work.

Press freedom (past tense)

Note: Dark police are free to select particular media to report particular issues.

Inside the circle: TVB, Apple Daily, Now TV, HK01, Oriental Daily

No permission to enter for the coverage: Stand News, RTHK, AP, Reuters

The police narratives on the blue circle: We are the supreme. Best not get filmed by the press for whatever we do. Reporting us critically, we will ban your press’s coverage. Irritate you. Ban whichever press as we wish. Select and allow whichever press to report as we wish. Only permit you to report if you support the government and the police.

Jimmy Lai and multiple activists were arrested.

Jimmy Lai, founder of Next Media Ltd: Take things as they come.

Cheung Kim Hung, CEO of Apple Daily: Apple Daily can certainly hold on.

Freedom of Press | We need Apple Daily!
Never forget the daughters of Hong Kong

Agnes Chow – True Mulan

No more difference between the Yellow (pro-democracy) and the Blue (pro-Beijing), but differentiation of having conscience or not.

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