The CCP’s New ‘Eight Actions’ Against the US


【Editor】Justice Lee

Beidaihe, a seaside city about 3 hours drive east of Beijing on Bohai Bay, is a traditional resort the Chinese Communist Party top officials go during summer time, since Secretary of CCP Xi took over the office.  In Summer 2020, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had a secret meeting at Beidaihe which is. Some whistleblower disclosed the news to overseas media about the latest eight key actions that the CCP would take in the relationship with United States next:

1. Comprehensively clean US companies out of China, especially financial and service companies;

2. Vigorously develop nuclear weapons so that the United States cannot act rashly;

3. Increase defense budget to over 4% of GDP, and develop advanced weapons;

4. Unite all anti-US forces and nations around the world;

5. Propagate the idea of self-reliance to Chinese people, break through the high-tech blockade from US, start a “dual cycle” economy, and establish a RMB settlement system in the world;

6. Attack Taiwan, and break through the first and second island chains of the United States;

7. Mobilize all Chinese people to prepare for the war;

8. Reserve enough food and energy.


The eight actions are announcements of decoupling and confrontation with the U.S.. Since the beginning of the year, the CCP deliberately released the virus to the United States and other countries. The U.S. government had clearly identified the CCP as the Number One enemy of the United States and the free world.  After the recent series of decoupling actions of the US government, the CCP had sensed the change of the attitude from its previous partners and felt the danger of its regime being overthrown by the U.S. The CCP re-adjusted its strategy in the new situation.  As addressed, the CCP has no plan to make any changes to comply to the world order, rather, they turned their back against it.

Regarding the 1st Article of keeping American corporates out of China, the author believes that the intention behind it is to threaten the Wall Street investors and major corporates strongly tied to the CCP’s to put more influence onto U.S. government’s policy towards the CCP.  But this effort would definitely fail, because American policies are determined by American people.  At present, 73% of American public hold a negative view of China.  Wall Street should also understand that the decoupling of the two countries is an in reversable trend.

Article 2, 3 and 6 are military actions the CCP plans to take to maintain the CCP’s regime.  Their arbitrary actions of expansion of armaments and increase in nuclear weapons violate the international rules.  The CCP even plans to break the U.S. blockade and to take over Taiwan forcibly.  Recently, the CCP has conducted military exercises in the close proximity of Taiwan Strait, in order to intimidate the Taiwan government not to act rashly.

Article 4 is a long-term strategy that served the CCP well. The CCP understands money talks.  They captivate mouse pieces and running dogs to speak for their benefits by BGY and money splashing.  The CCP official Yang Jiechi is currently paying a trip to Singapore and South Korea, straining for support to fight against the U.S. through interest blending.

Article 5, 7, and 8 are the actions on the CCP’s roadmap to maintain its economy and resources. The CCP still dreams of RMB internationalization to replace or weaken the US dollars. At the same time the CCP attempted to promote so-called dual cycle economy, a combination of self-reliant domestic economy and international supply chain system, to counter the economic sanctions United States implement on China.  The fact is that, the US dollar is still the only settlement currency for international trade.  As the largest economy entity in the world, the United States actually has prominent influences over the world economy. Any economy that separates from the US dollar and the United States will decline.  For the CCP, the 1.4 billion Chinese Lao Bai Xing (mass), can be kidnapped to fight against the United States and the free world.

The CCP announced its rejection of changes from totalitarian regime.  Their insanity comes from their fear to embrace the world of freedom and justice.  With the dying struggles like the eight actions, they would only move faster towards their termination. 






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ccp must go to hell

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take down ccp

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CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
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