Wall Street greed: CCP arrogance

Author: Tujia tribes
Translation: Miao

The CCP or the Chinese Communist Party is a regime in controlling 1.4 billion people, slaving them to feed the CCP. Wall Street is the center of financial district and refers to all the banks, hedge funds, and securities traders that drive the American financial system.

The CCP released coronavirus and let it spread all over the world and brought the massive humanitarian disaster. Upon investigation, scientists in many countries found that this virus is from lab instead of natural. Dr Li-Meng Yan, virologist and whistleblower who working at a Hong Kong P3 lab, and with strong virus expertise background who told the world that this coronavirus came from a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) lab. But most of mainstream media in the United States, for example “fake news” CNN, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Time etc., lost their voices to report Dr. Li-Ming Yan. They scared to let Americans know the truth of origin of coronavirus. Because on the one hand major US media outlets have financial ties to the CCP and naturally become defenders of the CCP’s policies and spreading the CCP’s propaganda. This is the BGY plan of the CCP to conquer the world and destroy US and control the whole world. On the other hand, the CCP gave a large sum of money to buy support of Wall Street.

Why would they do such a thing? As always in politics, follow the money.

Wall Street is a big player in international capital, the investor of many international corporations, banks, major media etc. Wall Street is a type of shadow government and destroy Mr. President Donald Trump government and his agenda. Wall Street is one of the American Deep State (Deep State: Wall Street, Silicon Valley and NSA-U.S. Security Agency) as well and hold a large sum of money to penetrate US political system. While many scientists and doctors report that hydroxychloroquine can cure coronavirus, big pharmaceuticals companies hardly sale their own expensive and ineffective drugs. Those pharmaceutical companies and Democracy make lots of money through lying to humans and having blood hands. They cover up the truth of this coronavirus directly cause numbers of people lost their lives and worsen this pandemic.

The CCP and Wall Street have deep relationship for decades.

The CCP Cultivated the Wall Street and working on it for a long time. When the prime minister Zhu Rongji visited the United States in 1999, he spend days in meeting with business leader. Seems like an agreement has been reached between them. Since 1999, US finance has been guiding the nation’s China policy. Wall Street use their influence to persuade the White House support China’s admission to WHO. When China use the country’s size to compete with private enterprises, theft technology, currency manipulation or trade protection, Wall Street chiefs and Democracy nary a peep, very astonishing. The CCP’s campaign is to penetrate US’s elites, the CCP opens up vast finance market to the foreigners which taking cut from sales. American companies can buy some Chinese companies and the CCP will lend money to these American companies. Due to the tight interest relationship between the CCP and Wall Street, once the CCP is take down, Wall Street will lose vast finance market and money.

As a result, Wall Street chiefs will try their best to support and help the CCP propaganda to cover up the truth of coronavirus. Most of Americans are difficult to access the truth through the mainstream media. Only waking up public opinion government can make next step.

In a world, the CCP use its ultimate victory to challenge the existing world order. The CCP is the organization behind China’s rise and can not represent 1.4 billion Chinese people. The CCP is much worse than Hitler. If Wall Street still stand up with the CCP. Both the CCP AND Wall Street are belonging to the hell.

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1 year ago

ccp must go to hell

灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down ccp

1 year ago

Very good!

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1 year ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP ! 
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !


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