‘Stage 1, we say nothing is going to happen; Stage 2, it may happen, but we should do nothing; Stage 3, maybe we should do something about it, but there’s nothing we can do; Stage 4, maybe there was something we could have done, but it’s too late now.’ ——‘Yes Prime Minster’

21,500,000 confirmed cases, 770,000 decreases. 13,400,000 cured, however only 17% of people produced antibodies, most of them faded out completely 3 months later, and antibodies cannot afford various mutations of RNA virus. Those facts made Herd Immunity totally useless. Although actual mortality rate is about 5%, however rest of survivors have mega chances to gain Sequelas: the virology destruction almost covering every single organs in your body, including the brain. Some cannot jog any more, some cannot feel any joyful emotions, living like a walking dead. Furthermore, many cases in China were tested positive again few months after first infection, pertinent research are not clear though, in worst cases, survivors might become lifelong-carriers of this dreadful pandemic, and it will relapse over and over again, just like AIDS.

Reality, always surpasses TV series plots. Those scenarios sounds mostly irony now. However, it’s not too late to mend the fold after the sheep have been stolen, nevertheless the quicker we deal with the mess, the more lives we can save from the pandemic, the worst thing to do is make time the ally of COVID-19 and culprits behind global bio-weapon crisis. So let’s hark back to the subject: MAKING HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE SULFATE (HCQ) AN OTC(Non-prescription drugs).

Why? Because it’s the cheapest and most efficient Drug for both prevention and mild patients treatment, according to Dr. Didier Raoult, 92% patients cured 10 days after combine it with Azithrocin, and Dr. Brian Procter in Texas Saved His COVID-19 Patients with HCQ, 100%!

However these information has been enduring conceal, deletion and completed cover-up since the pandemic outbreak, for instance Dr. Simone Gold from ‘White Coat Summit’, Whose video of which has been deleted from Facebook, Twitter and other major Presses. The Summit suffered from stigmatization, and Dr. Simone was forced to resign. All above are just one tip of an iceberg, me don’t want to talk about conspiracy, however conspiracy has became the reality.

There occurs one general rule for every crime (except Psychos): The beneficiary who gained most should be accused most, so it is with who suffered least. Former are some mega pharmaceutical corporations who prefer Remdesivir ($3000 for a course of treatment) rather than HCQ (less than $200 for a course), if everyone using HCQ, myriad descend would appear on their profits. Latter is China’s Communist Party, we seldom see any of their mayors got infected, the truth is, most of them have had HCQ sulfates from Mid December 2019, far before Wuhan’s Outbreak! They knew there was human-to-human transmission from ever since, but just kept silent until 19th Jan!

CCP cannot cover it up by themselves, so through bribe and power-sex deal, two significant allies joined the team, one is Anthony Fauci, leader of Trump administration’s White House Coronavirus Task Force, actually according to his action, his real name might be Anarchony Fraudi, bring us only Anarchy and Fraud; the other one is WHO, what I mean is not World Health Organization, but ‘Worldwide Holocaust Obliviousness’, at least their Headquarters helped CCP government covered the truth from outside world, ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern’ Announcement has been delayed until 30th of Jan! So the world lost the window of opportunity to halt the pandemic from the outset, therefore here comes the global disaster.

5 million people fled Wuhan before 23rd Jan, the day of city lockdown, on account of culprits who want to make it a global crisis; and increasingly evidence illustrates that SARS COV-2 is a BIO-WEAPON born for massacre, with backbone from Zhoushan Bat Virus, with recombinant to Humans ACE2 protein receptor and enhancement on its infection rate, as a result Immune system cannot detect it in the first place, and afterwards immune cells find serious infliction of virus into different tissues and organs, therefore they fight a ‘Kamikaze’, attacking viruses and normal cells simultaneously, that is ‘System Inflammatory Response Syndrome’ (SIRS), one of the major causes of death apart from brainstem damage and Multiple organ failure.

Which is the same principle as Systemic Iupus Erythematosus, HCQ demonstrates its ability of infection prevention together with SIRS avoidance, most of news and researches online are just stigma, rumors, and quote out of context, directed by The beneficiaries who gain most, so it is with who suffer least. Although Force of righteous are capturing Culprits who still at large, what we shall do first is to make HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE SULFATE an Non-prescription drug at least.


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1 year ago

ccp must go to hell

1 year ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP ! 
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !


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