August 15, 2020 Weekly News Brief

1.    COVID-19 (CCP Virus)

1.1 Germany and France quit WHO reform talks amid tension with Washington – sources
Commentary: The positions of Germany and France are shaky in the WHO reform dialogue probably because they are waiting to see if President Trump will be re-elected. If they know they are going to have to deal with Trump for four more years, the reform plan may stay the course. This is not quite about the funding because Washington has been the single largest contributor, providing 15% of the WHO budget, yet Tedros seems to report to the CCP through his politicised management. There seems no provision in place to ensure that the WHO or its reform can react neutrally in future unless a mechanism is established to comprehensively divest the organisation of all forms of CCP influence.

1.2 Coronavirus vaccine: Vladimir Putin announces Russia first with COVID-19 jab
Commentary: What is the possibility of successfully developing an effective vaccine without knowing the complete genomic sequences of all virus strains and mutations, without fully investigating the effects of all antibodies, and without completing the human clinical trial? Approaching ZERO. Do not fall into the political and capital trap in this global vaccine race.

1.3 Trump urges Americans to stop politicizing the coronavirus, blames China
Commentary: All countries need to condemn on the Chinese Communist Party for unleashing this virus into the world. Knowing your enemy is the first step and that is the Chinese Communist Party who is still building more and more P3/P4 labs as we speak. Again, the virus shall be called the “CCP virus”, as originally sourced by the CCP, then genetically engineered by the CCP, and recently unleashed by the CCP.

1.4 Wuhan Doctor Reveals Chinese Govt Scrubbed Coronavirus From Death Certificates… “Add ‘Another Zero’ To Death Count”
Commentary: The infection cases and death tolls in China are significantly underreported. Maybe we end up by “adding ‘another double zero’ to the death count. This is new piece of evidence to show the scale of the crimes committed by the CCP on the Chinese people, who are among the biggest victim of this pandemic. “The Nuremberg trials” awaits. That’s how it is in a communist world: the dictator and his pals get everything; everyone else is just an expendable slave.

1.5 Washington Post columnist Rogin calls out NBC News over ‘several errors’ in report on Wuhan lab
Commentary: We know that the journalists attending press conferences of Chinese Ministry of Foreign affairs are CCP pre-selected and censored. The questions people should ask (1) why the CCP cherrypicked NBC to visit and report on Wuhan Institute of Virology? (2) on what terms the CCP granted the visa to NBC journalists and who paid for their travel expenses? (3) who issued the clearance of the reports and footage before publishing? The answer is obvious. Would you invite and pay someone to come to you to say badly about you? Of course not, neither will the CCP.

1.6 Dr. Yan Limeng was interviewed by Sean Spicer from Newsmax: This is a lab modified virus, based on the ZC45 & ZXC21 virus.
Commentary: This marks a significant milestone of Whistleblower Movement. Key message delivered by Dr. Yan to the 75 million American families is that the virus was modified and engineered by the Chinese Communist Party based on a Zhoushan bat coronavirus that was discovered and owned by the CCP’s People’s Liberation Army. Wake up to the CCP’s unrestricted warfare.

1.7 The Battle for Pandemic Sanity: Hydroxychloroquine Efficacy vs. Its Suppression
Commentary: HCQ, one of the safest drugs in the history of medicine, is given to nursing mothers, pregnant women, and children. HCQ has already been approved in by FDA as EUA for hospitalised treatment on the 28th March 2020 without randomised control requirement. The inconsistency in FDA’s narrative shows there is some sort of intervention driven by unknown forces, which seems to be connected with the coordinated cross-sectoral movement to suppress HCQ effectiveness information from reaching US citizens and the rest of the world.

Listening to the stories and experiences from the frontline doctors using Hydroxychloroquine treating thousands of covid-19 patients – e.g. Dr. Zev Zelenko from New York, Dr. Simone Gold from Los Angeles, Dr. Stella Immanuel and Dr Richard Urso from Huston, and so on. They are risking their medical careers and reputation to tell the truth about this drug – why? Because they are the good ones and want to save lives. Unfortunately, so many people are blindly believing, in a way be brainwashed by authorities in “proved research”, rather than flesh and blood stories from the frontline. And sadly our Australian politicians and medical authorities are accomplice in the increasing cases and deaths. Covid-19 is a good test.

1.8 UN-Linked Biotech Expert claimed COVID-19 is Man-made Bioweapon from Chinese military lab

1.9 Professor Giuseppe Tritto: COVID-19 was engineered in China lab, effective vaccine ‘unlikely’
Commentary (1.8 and 1.9): After Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s message on truth of the CCP virus, more and more scientists have come to realise this virus is not coming from Nature, it is man-made, coming out of the bioengineering experiments that the CCP has been conducting. The CCP Lied, People Died.

2.    Hong Kong

2.1 Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under new national security law

Commentary: Jimmy Lai has been in the forefront of pro-democracy of HK through his news media Apple Daily, since Hong Kong was handed back to the Chinese communist party in 1997. The arrest of this gentleman is the CCP’s retaliation for US sanctions against senior HK officials, including Carrie Lam, marking the end of the freedom of speech in this city. Subsequent arrest of 23-year old activist Agnes Chow, who gave up her UK citizenship to fight for HK democracy, further demonstrated the CCP’s and HK government’s suppression on their political dissidents

2.2 China Sanctions 11 Americans Over U.S. Moves Against Hong Kong
Commentary: We need to understand the philosophical base for inventing the “unrestricted warfare” by the Chinese Communist Party is that CCP is well aware that they will never win US on a kinetic or hot war. There are two virtual operating lines compounding the CCP guiding its retaliation to the US: respond enough to maintain its “image integrity” in front of the Chinese community but not tip US over the edge to trigger a real military action. That is why we call it Paper Tiger.

2.3 Hong Kong goods for export to U.S. to be labelled made in China
Commentary: The labelling of made in China and the tariffs in place at the moment will certainly be a heavy weight on Hong Kong’s economy. What really hurts the CCP is the termination of CCP’s indirect access to US high end and sensitive technology via Hong Kong. Good old days are gone. Subsequently, it was revealed that HK local government was studying the WTO rule book for ways to challenge this requirement – if the CCP ever objects this, in a way it is admitting HK is not part of PRC China?

2.4 Hong Kong can never succeed under China’s control says Donald Trump
Commentary: Agree because the country is run by a bunch of idiots and robbers. We appreciate the art of Trump language which serves a purpose of making his adversaries feel complacent and constantly making mistakes.

3.    Taiwan

3.1 China has stolen Taiwan’s semiconductor secrets: Wired
Commentary: “no cash on premise” is something we learn from the shop owners in Australia who deliberately leave a message to the patron thefts. Could we copy and paste that for these state-based CCP hackers? If what the hackers do with all the technological information they had stolen is to pass on the data to the CCP and get renumerated, a note of “take files from this folder and claim your vouchers here XXXXX” might work.

3.2 U.S. and Taiwan Celebrate a Bond, China Responds With Screaming Jets
Commentary: This is NOT a distraction of Trump administration from the virus at all. Instead it is a very strategic chess move for the US to progressively stripe the CCP, the root cause of this global pandemic, off the new world order built on shared democratic values. This pandemic is the best window of opportunity to bring Taiwan back to the international arena. Starting with a ministerial level, the official exchanges between Washington and Taiwan may be gradually escalated to a presidential visit, by when the claim of the sole legitimacy representation of China by the CCP will be completely groundless. Do not forget, the Republic of China was the charter members of the United Nations.

3.3 Chinese Fighters Cross Into Taiwan’s Side Of The Strait As High-Level U.S. Visit Begins
Commentary: This is another CCP’s retaliation for the deteriorating US China relationship, after Azar’s Taiwan visit which marks the highest level US official visit to Taiwan. China has been constantly making threats to resolve to military action against Taiwan and the threat is getting escalated.

4.    CCP as a Global Threat

4.1 Trump: ‘If I Don’t Win The Election, China Will Own The United States’
Commentary: The American people is at stake and the world is at stake if the President Trump is not re-elected, in which case it will allow CCP continue to threaten the world with the pandemic. General Secretary Xi will double down on Bidden at all costs. That resonates well with national security adviser Robert O’Brien said the CCP is targeting U.S. election infrastructure with cyberattacks leading up to the November election.

5.    The New Federal State of China

5.1 What is The New Federal State Of China?
Commentary: Miles Guo says “The New Federal State of China is ready to bring freedom, rule of law and democracy for the 1.4billion Chinese people and move forward with the world.” The New Federal State of China has commenced working with the world to take down the CCP and transforms China.

6.    Military and Intelligent Front

No major development this week but watch this space.

7.    Religion Front

No major development this week but watch this space.

8.    Finance and Currency and Economic Front

8.1 RELEASE – Mnuchin Team Seeks Two-Year Reprieve for CCP Fundraising Here — A Gambit to Run Out the Clock on the Trump Presidency?

8.2 Trump antagonizes GOP megadonor Adelson in heated phone call
Commentary: When someone blackmail you, you should take actions and not follow their instructions. If you satisfy them, it will become repetitive bully coming around again and again. Mr. Adelson, the CCP is doing exactly that to you by threatening to revoke your Chinese casino license. Go figure.

8.3 GOP senator calls on China to repay $1.6T of century-old debt
Commentary: Please allow us to use the analogy of business ownership transfer for the upcoming regime change of China. An audit on the balance of assets to liabilities and obligations to pay outstanding bills. The signal could not be stronger. Exciting! Stay tuned for this.

9.    Media, Information and Ideology Front

9.1 U.S. counterspy chief warns Russia, China, Iran trying to meddle in 2020 election

9.2 NSA Adviser Robert O’Brien outlines steps US taking to maintain free and fair elections
Commentary: It is outrageous to see that US election may turn out to be a battle between a pro-Bidden presidency China and a pro-Trump presidency Russia, both countries attempt to interfere with the upcoming elections. Election security is paramount and election infrastructure needs to be protected. But do not underestimate the malign actions by the CCP which could go as far as casting fake votes by their agents using fake IDs. Just carefully check who is promoting the idea of vote by mail. On a side note, wondering if HCQ has assisted Robert’s quick recovery from the nasty virus.

9.3 China’s Confucius Institute designated as a foreign mission of Beijing
Commentary: Confucius Institutes are chain stores operated by the CCP to sell its propaganda, indoctrinate its ideology to the west and facilitate intellectual property thefts. The New Federal State of China will do everything we can to purge the CCP’s remnants from the west and expose and re-interpret the real gems in Chinese culture to the world.

10.    IP Theft , Espionage and Cyber Security Front

10.1 Top TikTok Investor Funds Chinese Communist Party-Linked Artificial Intelligence Program
Commentary: Every dollar is spent on either developing or stealing technologies that enable the censorship, surveillance and suppression of information from its citizens to ensure the stability and security of the CCP regime and ultimately safeguard its dictatorship. Let’s collectively map out the CCP network by connecting the hidden dots with financial ties. Rule of Thumb to identify them: their business decisions are not based on the conventional benefit and cost analysis.

11.    CCP’s Crimes Against Humanity

11.1 Lawmaker demand answers from World Bank on Xinjiang Loan
Commentary: Given the facts of CCP’s human rights abuse in Xinjiang, we demand the scrutiny why World Bank doesn’t discontinue its loan to the CCP in Xinjiang. Perhaps World Bank is another WHO, collaborating with the CCP?

12.    Assembly of the US “WAR Council”

12.1 President, Donald Trump

12.2 Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

12.3 National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien

12.4 Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Wray

12.5 Department of Justice, William Barr

12.6 Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, Peter Navarro

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1 year ago

ccp must go to hell

1 year ago

Defeat CCP and save our family.
Defeat CCP and save our life style.
Defeat CCP and save our child.
Defeat CCP for the sufferings in the past.
CCP stands against with human civilization.
CCP weaponized everything for fighting.
CCP created nothing but stole everything.
CCP built nothing but destroyed everything.
We have never appointed CCP as our agent.
CCP should have been taken down years ago.
We are now arouse from silence.
Let’s take down CCP !

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Very much appreciate G-translator and Himalaya Australia groups to prepare this wonderful Weekely News Brief, so that we can track the important things happened this week on time.

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CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP ! 
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !


Thank you very much for the excellent information. It is greatly appreciated.


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