Magistrate slammed HK police officers ‘lie after lie’

A district court magistrate on Wednesday slammed two police officers for “telling lie after lie” as he acquitted a district councilor and her assistant of assaulting police. The news, rather than being hailed by the two ladies who were charged with assaulting police, was welcomed by the right-minded public wordlessly—Hong Kong police force (or HKPF) has already been and synonym of “liars” in the Cantonese language.

Jocelyn Chau and her assistant Lao Chak-kin, two decent skinny office ladies, were accused of shoving an officer in the chest while live-streaming video of a police operation on the street during the high tensions last August.

But magistrate Stanley Ho Chun Yiu said he could not accept witness statements from the two officers involved, calling them unreasonable, illogical and self-contradictory, accusing the officers covering a lie with another in a thuggish manner.

Jocelyn Chau

Jocelyn Chau. File photo: Jocelyn Chau, via Facebook.

Ho went on to say that the officers were “frivolous” and had appeared to attempt to block Chau’s camera. The court concluded that two officers were dishonest and unreliable witnesses, who gave vague answers to key questions and made “unreasonable” statements. “

The court, Magistrate Ho added, did not believe that the two officers were carrying out proper police duties in the incident. This reminded the public Elena Gorokhova’s quote: “We know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us.” Now, the authorities in Beijing is forcing the public to live in new normal: “accepting the lies as facts.”

However, Ho’s attitude worried the netizens in Hong Kong who estimated that he might be “purged or retaliated”. So far, more and more judges have felt the pressure to “favor” the police at court. One of the most controversial cases was a daughter of a police officer was “found not guilty” in drug trafficking in May despite the solid evidence.

Jocelyn Chau. File photo: Jocelyn Chau, via Facebook.

According to local media, Eastern Court Magistrate Stanley Ho said the case was mainly based on testimonies by officer Hui and Senior Inspector Lam King-nin, as the alleged attack was not recorded in the footage submitted to court.

Both Hui and Lam told the court that people were shouting profanities at Chau and Lao, so they decided to stop the duo out of concern for their safety and urged them to leave. But magistrate Ho said the footage showed there was no conflict at the scene, questioning the description given by the officers: “It was like describing another parallel universe,” Ho said.

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ccp must go to hell


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Aug. 13, 2020