How Does a Foreigner Whitewash Huawei in a CCP’s Propaganda Style?

Author: CharlesS; PR: Bluesky

Original News: Asia Times; News Author: MICHAEL MACDONALD; Publish Date: JULY 17, 2020

How Does a Foreigner Whitewash Huawei in a CCP’s Propaganda Style?

The author of this news is Huawei’s chief digital officer, a Westerner, who used the CCP’s external propaganda conventions to whitewash Huawei. This review reveals this point through a brief commentary analysis.

Here are some of the common tactics used by the Communist Party in its propaganda:

a. Reverse black and white. For example, they are proud of the economic development brought about by plagiarism and forced transfer of intellectual property rights.

b. Disguised the concept. For example, they replace the Communist Party of China with China.

c. Kidnapping the concept. For example, arresting Chinese criminals has been distorted as attacking all Chinese people as criminals.

d. Fallacies of distraction. For example: We believe that food should be cherished, but the other party argues: “You think food with illegal additives is good.”

Lies in this news report

1. He claimes that Huawei is just a purely law-abiding supplier, but it is not. It is Huawei’s first way of pretending to be a good guy. Huawei is the most vivid example of what the Communist Party calls “MilitaryCivilFusion”, and it’s an organization with a military background that carries the banner of a private company. (see the U.S. government web site). Huawei’s advanced technology does not benefit ordinary Chinese, but only some interest groups of the Chinese Communist Party. Huawei’s operation is not only for profit but also for some ulterior motives. The U.S. House of Representatives has recently identified Huawei as a threat to U.S. national security.

2. He claims that “the Chinese Communist Party has surpassed the United States in many ways,” and confused many concepts. On the one hand, the author accuses the United States of being jealous of Huawei’s technological superiority and describes it as “the United States is jealous of the Chinese Communist Party.” However, a massive gap between Communist China and the United States exists in terms of technology and economy. On the other hand, the author kidnapped the Chinese people’s national sentiment, believing that “The United States is hostile to the Chinese people” and tying the Chinese people to Huawei. But in reality, Huawei serves the Chinese Communist Party, whose rulers are the Chinese people’s enemies. The Chinese people do not support Huawei stealing technology and monitoring other countries.

3. He makes a deliberate misinterpretation out of the context of the U.S. Attorney General Barr,” for the first time in history, the United States is not leading the next technological era.” Whether Barr’s words are motivated by ridicule or facts, they have nothing to do with the cracking down on crime against the CCP’s enterprise Huawei. His speech on the 16th of July was about how the “CCP seeks to leverage the immense power…of the Chinese people to overthrow the rules-based international system and make the world safe for dictatorship.” The author did not dare to mention any Barr’s accusation against the CCP. Instead, he chose this sentence separately. The subtext is that the United States attacked Huawei for fear of falling behind. This is fallacies of distraction. And again, binding Huawei, China, and the Chinese people alluded to the United States attacking China for fear of falling behind, and then propagating domestically that the U.S. attacked the Chinese people for fear of falling behind.

4. He implied that the actions of the U.S. government were illegal. He accused the United States of being economically arrogant for its benefit. If so, why Huawei doesn’t openly sue the U.S. government? What investigation does the enterprise afraid of if they have no problem? Why does a private enterprise use 1.4 billion people as a human shield? Huawei, or the CCP behind it, has always deviated from the core of the problem, never confronted the problem directly, and then kidnapped the Chinese people.

5. He mentioned many beautiful things about Huawei in technology, but he did not accuse Huawei of crimes. This is the most lethal part that Fallacies of distraction. If you don’t have time to regularly follow the news, you may feel sorry for Huawei as an innocent and vulnerable group. Instead of hiding behind the backs of the Chinese people, Huawei should show the grievances it has suffered, express its opinions on these allegations, or openly accept investigations, or even counterclaim

To be concluded, the fight against Huawei is not to fight against the technological progress of any country. For the United States, it is to fight against acts that endanger national security. For the world, it is to destroy the CCP’s BGY(standing for Blue-Gold-Yellow) network overseas.

For better understanding what’s the meaning of BGY, please search for keywords: BGY (Blue-Yellow-Gold), 3F plan, Whistleblowers Movement.

Mr. Miles Guo on the Press Conference held in Washington D.C 10/5/2017

From Original News:

Huawei Chief Digital Officer for Asia Pacific Michael MacDonald in a file photo. Image: Courtesy of Michael MacDonald

So why the US interest in 5G?

America is less concerned with owning a piece of the telecom infrastructure market and more concerned with sending a signal.

Huawei is arguably China’s biggest international success story, in part because of a continued business focus that relies on a multi-decade investment strategy. The result: Huawei holds a leadership position in 5G that many consider being 12 to 24 months ahead of the nearest competitor.

By many metrics, China has already passed the US, but unfortunately the US gets to change the rules as they play – at least for now. While it may not be inevitable that the Chinese economy will eclipse that of the US, it is certainly probable.

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1 year ago

ccp must go to hell

1 year ago

The haircut MacDonald is sporting, this is full on Huawei WarLord Gangster style which was seen often here in Vtown, A LOT of them until those guys got taken out of the game here in January of 2018. Probably former Red Guards.
We are still dealing with many of the also very dangerous Huawei/PLA intelligence officers. Small in stature but outsize footprints thanks to the remaining Huawei repeaters still on the towers.

1 year ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

1 year ago

CCP did what Satan did. CCP is a liar. CCP is a thief. CCP is a murderer. CCP is a devil. CCP made virus. CCP made falsehood. CCP made fake news. CCP cheated people. CCP stole techniques. CCP breaked law. CCP breaked freedom. CCP destroyed democracy. CCP tricked American people. CCP tricked American politicians. CCP tricked American entrepreneurs. CCP tricked American scholars. CCP tricked the world. CCP weaponized everything. CCP weaponized virus. CCP weaponized money. CCP weaponized techniques. CCP weaponized the internet. CCP attacked human civilization. CCP should had been kicked out of the earth. To save our family, let’s… Read more »

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