CCP virus: 3 Chinese vaccine candidates in Phase 3 trials

The World Health Organization has announced that six vaccine candidates for the CCP virus have entered the third phase of clinical trials, half of them are from China. This means they will be put into the general population for the first time.

CCP weaponizes vaccine

Despite the Communist regime’s notorious vaccine production in general haunted by safety concerns, it joined the race for the coronavirus vaccine while trying to steal vaccine research from other countries via hacking.

The CCP is trying to gain an upper hand and make other countries kowtow to it once it controls an effective vaccine.

The CCP never cooperates with other countries or organizations by fully disclosing the origin of the virus, which is crucial to vaccine development.

CCP is leading the race, but its vaccines may have issues as they enter phase 3 of trials

WHO talks about the three Chinese vaccines entering phase 3 trials

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1 year ago

WeChat is a tool of CCP, for spreading fake news, falsehoods, and for stealing privacy and techniques.
CCP attacked western civilization.
CCP lied.
We have never appointed CCP as our agent!
CCP is agent of Satan.
CCP stands against with people .
CCP stands against with the freedom .
CCP stands against with the democracy.
CCP stands against with the law.
CCP stands against with the human civilization.
Let’s take down CCP!

1 year ago

Justice will eventually defeat evil!

1 year ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP ! 
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !


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Aug. 08, 2020