President Trump Joins ‘Fox & Friends’ for Exclusive Interview

President Trump joined ‘Fox & Friends’ for an exclusive interview on August 5, 2020, discussed issues regarding China stealing American kids’ information via TikTok and stealing F-22 technology. He revealed that it’s him who stopped the Huawei system in UK and other countries. He confirmed that a very unified ally has already been established to go against China. He said, “We are already together, we are very unified. Let me tell you, these countries are almost as at the plague being released into their country angry as I am.” Toward the end of the interview, he explained why Hong Kong stock exchange was successful in the past, which was all due to the incentives from the US government, but that has been stopped, and New York stock exchanges and the US will benefit from that change.

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Translator: 【Dlrow】 Proofreader: 【Michelle】 Subtitle:【相机过热啊】Editor:【Michelle

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