Miles Guo: Fight between top Politburo members intensified

Author: 老姜

Editors: BigMama      Seamoon 

On August 5, 2020, Miles Guo broadcast on GTV and shared some important information with the audience: that the era of using the CCP’s internal political confrontation to eventually take it down, just got started thanks to the bruising political battle between Chairman Xi and Vice Chairman Zeng. 

Chairman Xi V.S. Vice Chairman Zeng 

“Without the help from former Vice Chairman Zeng Qinghong and his family, there would be no legacy for Chairman Jiang and his family. Recently, many women associated with the Zeng family were arrested by Chairman Xi. The Shengjing Bank in Shenyang is finished, and Mr. Dai Yongge (the right hand man of former Vice Chairman, Zeng Qinghong), his career and wealth will be gone very soon. This war between Chairman Xi and former Vice Chairman Zeng is bound to be the most tragic war for the CCP in recent decades. The era of using the CCP’s internal political confrontation to eventually eliminate the CCP just got started.”

——— Miles Guo 

CCP’s Dying Kicks 

“Recently, the CCP launched a full-scale attack on our service. They attacked like crazy on a daily basis, while reducing their attacks on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This just proved the unique value of GTV.

Mr. Steve Bannon is an absolute benefactor to me and our Whistleblower Movement. Without Mr. Bannon’s help, President Trump almost sent me back to China. The planned sanctions on those Banks in Hong Kong and mainland China have not happened yet. Sanctions on companies that have been working with the CCP, like TikTok involved a lot of under the table lobbying by the CCP. The CCP’s penetration and influence in the United States is very real and serious.”

——— Miles Guo 

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1 year ago

Shenyang marks the start of the Kinetic warfare Miles.
North of the 49th parallel, who is in control here seems also to be a question still. I am watching the Hauwei repeaters being pulled down since June, but ccp still have a massive numbers advantage here. All is not well.

1 year ago

We need more support for development of Himalaya in Europe, especially in Germany. On Welt Online is an article from Maximilian Kalkhof about Mrs. Merkel,
in which he describes her position to China. There is not any word from her to Hong Kong, there is in general not any critics against the CCP. Does it mean that the german cancellor is no democrat but a dependent slave of CCP?

1 year ago

CCP is built on top of battle.
CCP destroy civilization and themselves.
CCP is a human virus.
Let’s take down CCP!


Not to worry, Mr. Guo. There would be an army of supporters between you and the CCP, and I’ll be first in line.

1 year ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP ! 
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !


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