Hong Kong SAR Government Disqualify 12 Pro-democracy Candidates: That’s At Least 169,304 Votes Denied

When the Hong Kong SAR Government Disqualify 12 Pro-democracy Candidates, They Deny At Least 169,304 Votes from Hongkongers.

Out of the 12 candidates being barred from running for election, 9 of them had joined and won the primary election organized by the pro-democracy camp on July 11 and 12, 2020:

Hong Kong Island:

  • Tiffany Yuen (19,844 votes)
  • Fergus Leung (14,743 votes)
    -Tat Cheng (11,090 votes) Kowloon East:
  • Joshua Wong (31,398 votes)

New Territories West:

  • Kwok Ka-ki (13,354 votes)

New Territories East:

  • Gwyneth Ho (26,802 votes)
  • Ventus Lau (26,707 votes)
  • Alvin Yeung (25,366 votes) District Council (Second):
  • Lester Shum (129,074 votes)

Adding up together, these 169,304 votes obtained by these 9 candidates in the democratic primary are the will of the people of Hong Kong.

Editor’s note: The Carrie Lam government delayed the Legislative Election by a year to Sept 5, 2021.

Source: Tuen Mun Community Network; Cheung Ho-sum

Contributor: GM02

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1 year ago

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