CCP Premier Li Keqiang got publicly humiliated on TV; a most-talked-about video in China now

Recently, a video of high-level Chinese Communist leaders participating in the opening ceremony of the “Beidou-3” Global Satellite Navigation System has turned viral on social media. It shows that Xi Jinping’s confidant Liu He, one of the CCP’s Vice Premier, humiliated Li Keqiang in public, causing heated discussions among Chinese netizens. The Chinese Central Television Station did not delete the embarrassing scene until days later, which was regarded as another deliberate humiliation of Li.

As Chinese dissident Miles Guo said that the internal struggle within the CCP is intensifying. This video might give us a glimpse of how the CCP is embarrassing each other at the top level.

At 10:30 am on July 31, the CCP held the opening ceremony of the Beidou-3 Global Satellite Navigation System in the Great Hall of the People. Several senior officials including Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, and Han Zheng (members of the Politburo Standing Committee) and Politburo members Liu He and Ding Xuexiang attended the meeting. Liu He presided over the ceremony.

The live broadcast of the CCP’s media that night showed that when the host Liu He read out the list of senior officials participating in the ceremony, he first read out several titles followed by the name of Xi Jinping, and then give a long pause for Xi to stand up and greet the applauding attendees sitting behind him.

Li Keqiang’s name was read right after Xi’s, but Li Keqiang was not given any time to stand up to greet others, even though applause was already heard in the venue.

Liu immediately read Han Zheng’s title and name. This made Li Keqiang very awkward because he was on his way to stand up like what Xi did just a few seconds ago. The participants were not sure whether they should continue to applaud or not. When Li Keqiang just got up, everyone except Xi Jinping was ready to applaud. Ding Xuexiang, who was sitting next to him, had already put his hands together.

As a result, Li Keqiang barely finished his greeting, hurriedly responded to the sparse applause from the venue, and then quickly sat down. His body language showed awkwardness.

This scene of humiliation was broadcast publicly on the CCP’s media and caused a public outcry

Many netizens pointed out that the CCP’s high-level internal fighting has reached a fierce stage, and this kind of internal struggle is the mode of operation of a rogue regime. “The CCP’s system does not even get the least respect for the prime minister of a country. Who has dignity in this country?”

The CCP Media is no longer showing this clip.

Since the beginning of this year, the internal power struggle among the CCP kleptocrats has intensified. Li Keqiang and the CCP’s supreme leader seemed to be contradicting each other.

The Chinese netizens even observed a pattern that Li Keqiang pissed off the supreme leader once a month during the pandemic:

  • Li talked about the asymptomatic patients of the CCP virus while this topic was a highly-guarded secret in China because they were not counted as confirmed cases of CCP-virus infections.
  • Li also revealed that 600 million Chinese have a monthly income of 1,000 yuan (about $143 US dollar) while Xi Jinping talked about “Comprehensive Building of a Well-off Society”, a CCP’s goal to be achieved by the end of this year.
  • A few days after Li encouraged the ‘street-vendor economy’ to help the unemployed to survive the pandemic, it was shut down.
  • When Xi’s gang was talking about establishing a domestic & internal economic cycle, Li put emphasis on reviving exports.
  • While the CCP is portraying itself as a resilient winner during the pandemic, Li expressed his concerns publicly about the massive closure of factories and other economic challenges.
  • Li said recently that China should do things within its capacity as a developing country. Many interpreted it as a contradiction to Xi’s one-belt-one-road initiative.
  • When Li met with Chinese entrepreneurs, he said that we should push for more economic reforms. But Xi asked Chinese entrepreneurs to be more patriotic a week later.

But at a high level, the deadly power struggle, according to Miles Guo, is between Xi (Beijing Gang) and the Nanputuo (Shanghai) Gang, headed by Xiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong. Li Keqiang is not part of any gang.

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