CCP sends more threats to the U.S. for signing Hong Kong Bill

Here is the translation of the warning messages aired on China Central Television:

In response to the signing of the Hong Kong-related bill by the US, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a series of countermeasures. This news was cheered by Chinese netizens: a job well done!

China warned multiple times about the consequences of signing the bill.The announcement of the countermeasures showd that the Chinese meant what they said.

The US willfully interferes in China’s internal affairs, and some US organizations instigate violent crimes in Hong Kong. Such a fault must not be tolerated. It must be punished.
The sanctions introduced by China this time are a precise strike. It hit the target precisely.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs forewarned further actions based on the development of the situation during the announcement of the sanctions against the US.

The US should take the forewarning seriously. To put it bluntly, we have a lot of tools in our toolbox of countermeasures. Don’t even try to bear the unbearable consequences. This is the most basic “posture”.

The overstretching black hand is just a fake hand by some.

I want to say that the black hand will surely be broken.


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Dec. 04, 2019