Chinese intercontinental missiles training video by “Rocket Army”

China Central Television released a video of the mysterious “Dongfeng First Brigade” during their underground training.

An Intercontinental Missile Brigade of the Second Artillery Corps is China’s first strategic missile force. Since its establishment in 1959, it has successfully launched the first ground-to-surface missile of a combat unit known as a “gas bomb”. The unit is therefore known as “Dongfeng First Brigade” and “Dongfeng First Branch“. They participated in the millitary parade on Tiananmen Square to unveil the strategic missile forces to the world for the first time …

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party, the brigade has fulfilled its goal of strengthening the army, focusing on “capable of fighting and winning wars”, and the pace of actual combat construction has been increasing. In order to make the “Great Power Excalibur” more swift, they explored optimizing the combat process, shortened the combat preparation time by 4/5, and greatly improved the counterattack capability; increased the closed survival protection training and spent dozens of days in the underground “Dragon Palace”. Special treatments have continued, sometimes more than 20 hours of continuous rotation, so that the officers and men’s physiology and psychology can withstand extreme challenges; actively explore a new model of large-scale missile combat training, and create a precedent for the second artillery unit of the same type in multiple fields; according to actual combat The process organized the launch of live ammunition, setting “five world records” in the history of this type of missile. The brigade officers and soldiers have promoted 35 innovations in the Second Artillery Corps and the base unit.

“Kill Our Enemy with One Deadly Blow”

“The missiles listen to me, I listen to the communist party.”

In the barracks and positions, officers and men shouted the slogan “Absolute loyalty, absolute purity, and absolute reliability.”

Cao Jianzhong, Director of the Political Department of the Brigade, said: “We must be firm in conviction. The ‘Three Absolutes’ set new standards for listening to the party’s command from faith, quality, and action. This is a new starting point for the ‘first branch’. Catalyst, the power source of the ‘Strong Army Dream’. “

“If you want to defeat a strong enemy, you must become a strong player. If you want to defeat a super-strong opponent, you must become a top master.” Today, facing the mission of “winning”, this intercontinental missile that holds the “trump card” and the “bottom card” of the nation Brigade, clear head.

“Missiles listen to me” is no easy task, Wen Qing, a brigade commissar, said: “Intercontinental strategic missiles are responsible for the national strategic mission, not the gains and losses of just one city or one place. ‘. “

Intercontinental missile systems are large and complex, involving more than 10 disciplines, more than 30 majors, and thousands of core principles. In the eyes of officers and soldiers, a missile is a comprehensive university with very low graduation rate.

Source: Baidu东风第一旅


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Dec. 03, 2019