City Wide Strike, Advertising Sector Follows

Representatives from the advertising sector organised a strike rally at Charter Garden in Central, which has obatined a Letter of no objection.

On December 2, participants filled half of the venue, with estimates at around 1500. Some of them wore face masks and held signs with the slogan “City Wide Strike, Advertising Sector Follows.” Others waved flags with the slogan “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of our times”.

Mr. Yao, organizer of the rally and a creative director himself, expressed his wishes to unify the advertising sector after the anti-extradition bill movement, and ultimately to set up a trade union in the future to fight for the welfare of the industry. He believed the sector should keep young people in company in their fight against police brutality and tyranny.

A representative from the industry hoped that this event would encourage other industries to follow and let the government know that the people are still fighting for the Five Demands.

Source: RTHK


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Dec. 03, 2019