[Hong Kong]Pro-Beijing Dolls Marching Against the USA, Burning Trump’s Profile.

December 3. Hong Kong. Several dozen pro-Beijing thugs/dolls just marched to the US Consulate to protest against the Hong Kong Human Rights And Democracy Act. They stepped on the US flag to show their anger at Washington. And one of them called the US legislation “a useless piece of paper.”


Then they set fire and burnt #PUTOS President Trump’s photo.


Hongkongers play ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ in the private car is a sin while pro-Beijing thugs are burning President Trump’s photo publicly and freely! It’s how CCP takes advantage of the freedom of speech from western democracy while taking away Hongkongers’ freedom with police terrorism.

This crazy behavior was authorized and sponsored by Beijing. In Communism China, the CCP regime sends armed police to suppress spontaneous marches and demonstrations like the Hong Kong protest and the ongoing protest in Guangdong. It’s an old trick for Beijing to incite nationalism against western countries. It bullied Japan with the anti-Japan marches in 2012, and Korea with the anti-Lotte-Group marches in 2017. Now it is doing the same scheme against the USA.

Beijing doesn’t tolerate marches expect the ones incited by itself.

Author: GM09

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