Miles Guo: The next moves of the CCP and a vision for the future

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Editors: BigMama Seamoon

On July 30, 2020, Miles Guo showed up on GTV and connected with the Himalaya Farm in Korea. He shared valuable information on the CCP’s current hot mess, the progress the Whistleblower Movement has contributed to and a vision of the future.

CCP’s Hot Mess 

“Recently, the CCP has accelerated its construction of P3 Labs in Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, North Korea, as well as in a dictatorship in the Middle East. Once these countries obtain a biological weapon through sharing by the CCP, they will attack the United States and Israel. This new Coronavirus was created by the CCP as a biological weapon and the resulting global pandemic is still in the aerly stages. The world only be saved by destroying the CCP and its entire dictatorship, as well as its allies completely!

Vice President Wang Qishan will continue his puppet show at the upcoming Beidaihe conference, where the CCP will decide its national policies for the rest of the year and 2021. Internally, the CCP has no intention of managing the floods and its damage. Externally, they will do everything in their power to drag down President Trump. Economically, the CCP believes that Chinese people can even eat grass to survive without a problem. The CCP can decide to shut down China at any time. Hong Kong will soon become another Shenzhen. If the United States continues to give the CCP trouble, the CCP will smash Taiwan, even though it means that one million PLA soldiers will die in the military conflict. For the CCP, creating marshals and generals in a war to win in internal politics has always been more important, than to defeat its enemy.

In the past few days, loyal allies of former President Jiang and Vice President Zeng Qinghong in the army, intelligence and police forces, that have been secretly running operations against President Xi, have been arrested by the hundreds in Henan, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Xiamen. 

A certain high ranking official of the Political and Legal Committee has been arrested. He had ten or twenty wigs at home, dozens of pistols, and his mansion basement had stacks of  currency in Euros, British Pounds and U.S. dollars, as well as gold bars. There was even a mummified corpse of a little girl in wax, which is extremely abnormal. Countless CCP officials are keen to eat human placenta, a social norm created by various CCP officials and its system without any moral or legal bottom line.”

—Miles Guo

The Whistleblower Movement & The New Federal State of China 

“We all know that Dr. Li-Meng Yan cannot destroy the CCP by herself. For that to happen, it needs the cooperation of many other forces. Yet she is the key to unlocking the truth about the so called Covid-19 (CCP-virus). Her sacrifice has triggered worldwide actions to eliminate the CCP. There are about one hundred professionals like Dr. Yan in our Whistleblower Movement.

This past Monday, July 27th, Peter Navarro was interviewed in Steve Bannon’s WarRoom in Washington D.C. He acquiesced our New Federal State of China during the interview and that is really a result beyond my wildest dreams. Although strictly speaking, it is acquiescence, not official recognition, this ambiguity is actually greatly beneficial to us. It is not easy to avoid creating unnecessary enemies and it can unite the majority in the U.S. government and among the elites. The West has recognized us as a legal institution with their secret, behind the scenes support!

The July 27th Global Protest against the CCP, organized by our Whistleblower Movement against the release of the CCP-virus and the ensuing global pandemic, has dramatically changed a lot of people’s view in China. The view data analytics showed strong support of our movement among people across the board. There has been a fundamental change. More and more people in the world are standing by us!

The Constitution of the New Federal State of China and its government will be decided by the Chinese people by a process of voting. One person, one vote. I still think that an amnesty for the innocent regular CCP members is very necessary. Many of them are just regular people. Only by keeping mercy in mind and letting go of hatred against innocent CCP members, can we can rebuild a new China with bright future together.”

Miles Guo

The Future

“After the CCP has been eliminated, China and the world economy will recover rapidly, money will flow to the safe countries in a free manner and a new type of economy will be born. Human behavior will change dramatically. Our Whistleblower Movement is tightly integrated into the pulse of world politics, let us seize the opportunity!

I strongly believe that in the future, North and South Korea will be reunited, and it will happen swiftly. With the Kim family gone, North Koreans will leave for South Korea. 

The consumer market in Asia will grow from the current 15% to 35% of the global market. Because Asia includes China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, it will be the fastest region in the world for humanity to achieve peace, prosperity, and cutting edge technology for the following thousands of years.

The future world will not be a geographic arms race on land or water. Due to the impact of the internet, united by a system based on the rule of law, the future will be a showdown between productive nations and unproductive nations. A showdown between wise nations and unwise nations. The Chinese people are a hardworking, intelligent, and kind race. Chinese people are non-aggressive and the world will fall in love with the Chinese.”

—Miles Guo


“The back and forth game of deregulating and restricting the use of Hydroxychloroquine really shakes the interests of the major American pharmaceutical companies and their beneficiary groups. We are still constantly promoting the mission to make it an OTC drug. It is important to save lives. Front-line doctors continue to prove that using the combination of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin as a treatment for Covid-19 (CCP-Virus) is very effective. I have myself been using it as a preventive measure for a while now. You can take it to prevent the CCP-Virus infection under the guidance of your doctor.”

— Miles Guo

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1 year ago

I pray you are right on all that you said Miles.
May it please be so.
Take care,


[…] Yan believes samples from the PLA lab were the backbone of the virus. On July 30, the exiled tycoon Miles Guo alleged that more P3 laboratories were on the way across authoritarian regimes. It included Iran, […]

1 year ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Start Died.
Take down CCP ! New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

1 year ago

Recently, the CCP has accelerated its construction of P3 Labs in Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, North Korea.
CCP made the virus as a biological weapon.
CCP spreaded the virus and the biological weapon.
CCP lied and murdered people.
The key to save future is taking down CCP!


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