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Things have never been more difficult in Hong Kong for protesters. There are secret police (just like the Gestapo in Nazi Germany during the crackdowns) now actively patrolling the city and abducting innocent civilians in unmarked cars. Peaceful protesters are continuously harassed, assaulted, detained, arrested, and then shipped off to parts unknown on a daily basis. We have all seen videos of trains with blacked-out windows and heard the screams of children inside. If you look in the right places, these atrocities are easy to see.

The Western news cycle has dropped any mention of this entirely, after failing to adequately cover the hostility in the first place — blaming rioters. While all discussions by protesters refer to the elections being a “referendum on Beijing” — many “Western” media outlets have chosen to refer to the elections as either a “referendum on both sides” or on “the protesters.”

Compare, linguistically, the coverage is seen in the following articles from CNN:

“More than 4 million Hong Kongers will vote for hundreds of district council seats Sunday in what is being framed as a referendum on the protests which have roiled the Asian financial hub for almost six months.”

This is far from bi-partisan coverage — in fact, this confuses the case for readers in subtle ways and suggests that there are two sides to this argument for Western audiences when in fact, there are only peaceful protestors battling a hostile Communist regime which has broken its promises.

“Riot police will be stationed in “inconspicuous” locations inside every polling station, police told CNN.”

This phrasing implies the reality of real-time voter intimidation that the people of Hong Kong are facing.

“This debate has been playing out for months now, with the divide widening and the conversation becoming ever more toxic. Both sides can point to evidence in their favor — people coming out to clear streets of barricades; sympathy protests by white-collar workers — but this week, we will finally get an answer.”

This statement is simply not based in fact and should be rephrased — the PLA sent their elite Counter-Terrorism units (trained in Xinjiang — and actively infiltrating and mixing in with protesters throughout the city) through the streets of Hong Kong to intimidate the peaceful protesters. In the following video, any of the PLA soldiers wearing numbered jerseys represent members of the CCP’s equivalent of “Seal Team 6.”

The landslide victory for pro-democracy candidates in Sunday’s district council elections is a stinging rebuke to the city’s government — and an example of what protesters can achieve given the opportunity.”

Astute readers will notice that this article implies that the “protesters” have achieved anything in this local election — executives and legislators are still unfairly and largely stacked against the pro-democracy movement. Besides clearly enraging Beijing even further, it’s truly unclear what the local elections will bring for future Hong Kong.

This is yet another major indication that our news outlets have been corrupted by foreign influence. That same hostile influence shapes our countries opinion and dialogue on many topics and now represents a very real threat to the national security of the country. This “divisive” linguistic trick — to explain that those who are “pro-Beijing” have a side and a leg to stand on, is simply the next “farce” perpetuated by the “fake news” in this country.

We cannot forget, as we did Tiananmen Square in 1989, how the CCP treats dissent to its barbaric concept of ‘rule’. The CCP holds the belief that, under Communism and despite prior treaties and agreements, it outright owns Hong Kong and that the Communist State is the direct beneficiary of the labor of Hong Kong. The passage of the HK HRDA reflects that there is unified opposition to this encroachment by the United States government — and Beijing can now expect more sanctions based on its violations of basic Human Rights outside its immediate borders.

We hope our leaders understand that this type of oppression is antithetical to our system of values in the West. We prefer individualism and personal liberties at all costs — and those values are enshrined into our Constitution for a reason.

As we enter 2020, there are protests starting to form just across the border from Hong Kong in Guandong province. These protests have kicked off because of a proposal for a “1300 yard long” crematorium to be built. It’s likely the protesters want to know who these crematoria are being built for. In CCP controlled China, the only reason people are allowed to protest and gather in groups is for environmentally-related grievances, and therefore riot police were called out immediately. In the West, we have the concept of “protesting” engrained in our psyche — which easily explains why the people of Hong Kong haven’t simply gone home after a victorious “election” cycle where only local representatives with minimal power are selected.

The short, cyclic nature of the Western “news cycle” has successfully cloaked this massive clampdown in the veneer of other “world events” and a cursory glance at CNN world news makes no mention of Hong Kong at all. If you closely monitor social media feeds as well as GNews, they tell a completely different story on the ground. We hope that our government will continue to enact strong counter-measures in the face of this terrorism.

Author: Halliburton.

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