Xi is in danger! CCP’s power struggle worsens at the top

An important decree from the Chinese president Xi Jinping was canceled indicating a worsening power struggle at the top of the Chinese Communist Party.

The decree was supposed to be announced on CCTV’s nightly news on Sunday, but was withdrawn about 50 minutes before the scheduled live broadcast.

This occurred against a backdrop of an on-going massive purge in China especially in the sectors of financial & banking as well as the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission. Hundreds if not thousands of high and medium ranking officials were jailed or removed. Some died mysteriously by falling from tall buildings.

The Chinese financial & banking sector is controlled by Wang Qishan, the vise president of China. The Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission is Meng Jianzhu‘s turf. The purging in these sectors was believed to be done by President Xi. The US-trade war and the legislation of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019 forced the Chinese Communist Party to find scapegoats within which makes the party’s internal power struggle more brutal.

It was speculated that Xi’s decree is to impose martial law in Hong Kong. But its cancellation indicated that President Xi is in some kind of danger, because only his strong opponents could cancel his decree.

Please stay tuned for updates on this developing story.


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Dec. 02, 2019