Rally to support Indonesian Domestic Worker: Stop Political Oppression

Yuli is an Indonesian Domestic Worker who recorded Hong Kong protests and explained the situation to the Indonesians through Facebook was detained by the Hong Kong government. Her supporters including Domestic Helper Trade Union, organized a rally at the Immigration Headquarters urging the Hong Kong government to release Yuli and calling on stop political oppression.

They held multiple signs, with slogans including “Full Disclosure of Detention Guidelines,” “Domestic Workers Are Sisters in Arms Too”, “Yuli Stands with HK, HKers Stand with Yuli too, Release Yuli now.” Some Hongkongers said, “Thanks to domestic helpers, we can enjoy the prosperity”.

A Hong Kong protester with full-gear supported on the site, and stated that there are 100 thousand domestic helpers working in Hong Kong has the lowest wages and fewest holidays, “Hong Kong people can enjoy today’s prosperity thanks to them (domestic helpers) helping Hongkongers with the housework! Therefore, if a domestic helper is settled scores with or even in jail, Hongkongers can absolutely not abandon her.”

Source: InMedia HK https://bit.ly/2rMtQ2s


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Dec. 02, 2019