[Funeral Industry in China] Squeeze Out Your Money When You Die

Guangdong anti-build-cremation protest is ongoing. Nov 30. A leaked photo from mainland China. Contributor: GM07

China’s traditional funeral is burial rather than cremation.

Before 2012 in China, burial or cremation was a free choice. But from 2012, local governments successively introduced funeral reform policies with an excuse saying “thrifty funeral.” All passed-aways should be burnt.

With this policy, many old people who don’t want to be burnt chose to commit suicide before the new reform took effect. In Anqing city, Anhui province, an old lady committed suicide on May 28, 2014, before the force-cremation policy took effect. On May 29, another five old people were reported to have committed suicide in Anqing.

When the ‘reforms’ took effect. Many Chinese didn’t accept the reform at first, then local governments sent police to dig out the passed-away from the earth and then force cremated them.

Coffins damaged, passed-away dug out in Anqing city, Anhui province. Photo leaked from mainland China.

Why is the local government forcing residents to accept the cremation instead of burial?

The cremation industry is state-owned, and it’s very profitable.

Xinhua News (2019) mentioned eight listed companies as significant investors to the industry in China. One of them had a gross profit margin of 88% in 2018, for example. Burial plots are sold with only 20 years of land use rights at a much higher average price than residential housing. Funeral supplies bundled with services are sold tens of times more expensive than their costs. Estimates of the cremation-fee range from RMB ¥800 to ¥3000.

How they force the relatives to choose the higher price?

A “luxury” cremation(¥3000) burns the body separately and provides the ashes of the whole body to its family. A “basic” one(¥800) doesn’t guarantee it. For the family of the passed-way, there is no other choice from the “luxury” one.

Cremation-fee is only a small portion of the whole cremation procedure. Here is a list of the official charges from Jinan city, Shandong Province. (Notice, the website doesn’t show the most pricy items in table 1. The list starts from table 2.)

Contributor: LIWU2020

The ‘thrift cremation funeral’ is more expensive than the traditional burial one. That’s how CCP exploits an ordinary person when he/she dies.

Now, the regime is targeting Hongkongers.

Author: GM65 & GM09
Cover pic: GM44

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