There is only one life, and to win is to survive!

Arthor:Abraham and translated by: GM70

Three days ago, I received news from China that the people who participated in the flood fight on the Yangtze River have not been down off the dam for five days. They work and sleep on the dam. The danger continues. According to news, the current water level is more than 42 meters; and the height of the 1998 flood in memory is more than 44 meters. The difference of two meters is very close.

When the No. 1 flood peak came, the flow rate of 35,000 cubic meters was basically increasing at a rate of 0.5 meters per day and a height of about 40 meters. When the No. 2 flood peak came, the flow rate was 45,000 cubic meters and a height of about 42 meters. July 27th should be the No. 3 peak, which will reach 60,000 cubic meters of traffic as seen on Apollo News.

The rain keeps falling, and the floods are getting bigger and bigger, and it feels hard to hold on.

Compatriots in Hubei, including compatriots downstream, leave as soon as possible and go to a safe place because the government is so careless about their lives. They care little about the lives of the people. They are realizing their shipwreck plan.

We followed the breaking news revolution, and those who followed Miles Guo understood one sentence: There is only one life, and survival is the winner!

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1 year ago

Take down CCP, CCP is the Satan agent!


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Jul. 28, 2020