CCP Foreign Minster & German counterpart talk via video

Berlin recently assumed presidency of the Council of the European Union

Chinese Communist Party’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on CCP and Germany to resume cooperation in various areas to ensure stable development of bilateral ties and jointly uphold multilateralism.

In a videoconference with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Friday, Wang called for reopening dialogue at all levels and in various areas through planning and implementing various dialogue and consultation mechanisms in a flexible manner.

Two countries have maintained close communication since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Xi Jinping has had three telephone conversations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Premier Li Keqiang held a videoconference with her in June.

China and Germany should also renew pragmatic cooperation as soon as possible to maintain the stability of global industrial and supply chains, Wang said.

The two countries established fast-track arrangements in May to create conditions to expand personnel exchanges and increase flights.

Wang said China and Germany should also enhance cooperation in multilateral affairs and advance international cooperation in the fight against COVID-19.

He called on the two states to help Africa and other less-developed regions in their anti-pandemic work, and enhance cooperation in the research and development of a vaccine.

Germany has recently taken over the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union.

CCP expects that Germany will help push forward CCP-EU relations during its presidency, and is willing to work with the EU to map out major political agendas between the two sides in the next phase, Wang said.

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1 year ago

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Jul. 26, 2020