Growing hostility against journalist witnessed among riot police

On the one-year mark of the 7.21 Yuen Long Attack, police obstructed citizens from protesting with a heavy deployment, repeatedly sealing off areas and conducting stop-and-searches.

Their attitude toward journalists have grown even worse than before: journalists are now ordered to remove masks in order to verify identities, have their belongings searched, their ID card information recorded, and their faces recorded on police video cameras.

A Citizen News journalist was stopped twice within 10 minutes by two separate groups of riot police, and was even questioned if the news organization was real. Journalists from smaller platforms as well as student journalists were treated as if they were not journalists at all. Nearly 20 journalists from universities or internet platforms were even ticketed for violating the gathering ban.

During searches, police also demanded journalists to stop recording on the pretext of privacy. They have demanded this in other protests before, but much more frequently today.

Source: Citizen News, Stand News, Laurel Chor

Contributor: GM02

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9 months ago


9 months ago

Justice will eventually defeat evil!