Disney Suffers From Both CCP Virus and Politics

On July 10th, FOX news interviewed Dr. Yan Limeng, a scientist from Hong Kong. In the interview, Dr. Yan revealed that the CCP had already known that the coronavirus could cause human-to-human transmission in late Dec 2019. However, the CCP chose to conceal the truth from the world through WHO, causing the virus to spread globally.

After Fox News interviewed Dr. Yan, Disney “coincidentally” was told to close again. Even though Disney officially owns 21st Century Fox in a $71.3B acquisition of Fox’s entertainment assets in Mar 2019, the Fox Corp. itseft has become a standalone company that retains ownership of the Fox broadcast networking including the Fox News Channel. To CCP, any remote connection to Fox News is a sin. Hong Kong Disneyland went to shutdown again on Jul 15, 20 on the grounds of preventing the spread of the COVID-19. Hong Kong Disneyland said that this was to meet the requirements of the government and health departments. Affected by the coronavirus, Hong Kong Disneyland was already closed from Jan 26 to Jun 18 and now it was closed again less than a month after its reopening. HK Disneyland reclosure serves as an isolated case while other Disney theme parks includig Shanghai Disneyland reopened or are on the track of reopenning worldwide.

According to the financial report, the revenue of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort increased by 11% in the first 9 months of fiscal year 2019, and its profit increased by 20%. The increase in net profit increased 3 times compared with 2018. Hong Kong Disney’s annual revenue in 2019 is more than $700M. 

Due to the coronavirus spreading all over the world, Disneyland has suffered severe financial losses. Hong Kong Disney alone has lost $40M revenue in two months. 

The CCP has been notorious for exerting pressure and censorship on American film and entertainment industry. Disney, DreamWorks and Hollywood have revised their screenplays frequently in the past few decades due to CCP’s censorship voluntarily or involuntarily. For example,  the nationality of the character “Ancient One” in the blockbuster movie, Dr. Strange, was changed from being Tibetan to Celtic, to not touch the sensitive topic of Tibet that would “upset China”.

According to US Department of Justice Attorney General Barr’s speech on Jul 16, 2020, to pursue short-term profits, some American companies have resorted to appeasement of CCP, even at the expense of freedom and openness knowing they are being targeted to be replaced by CCP companies on the long term. He calls for American companies to stop bending their knees and acting as pawns to CCP.

Reference: https://www.traveldaily.cn/article/136458



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CCP lied,CCP virus,American is start died.
Take down CCP ! New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

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take down ccp


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