Miles’ Genius Plan to Bring to Light the CCP Moles in the US

In July 15th’s G-TV livecast, Mr. Guo disclosed that the legal team of G-TV is requesting the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an investigation on G-TV. No company has ever in the US history requested the SEC for an investigation on its own. Such incredible move will actually be a trifecta. Firs, it will secure the investments in G-TV.

Secondly, the legitimacy of G-TV will be fully recognized. More importantly, those CCP moles who undermine the G-TV will be identified. Further on, the team will build the case in the U.S. Department of Justice, to investigate the CCP’s financial infiltration into the U.S., and its investment fraud, the crimes they committed, and thus bring to light the CCP moles in US.  It is expected that the G-TV case will become a milestone in the judicial history of the U.S.

Translator: 【石头】 Proofreader: 【Winston Jackson】【Michelle】 Subtitle:【班仔】 Editor:【GM31】

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