CCP: The Flood is More Severe Because of the High-Speed Internet

“Because the internet connection has improved, the internet has allowed flood information to be continuously transmitted to your cell phone, which has caused the illusion of floods becoming more serious.” Jiang Teng, host of Rizhao TV, Shandong Province, said in the news broadcast.

Whether it is an illusion or not, let’s take a look at the official figures released by CCP. From late May 2020, China Central Meteorological Observatory issued a rainstorm warning for 40 consecutive days. As of early July, a total of 27 provinces were affected. The number of people affected was as high as 30.2 million. 1.4 million died and disappeared, and 20,000 houses collapsed. This can’t help but trigger a series of thoughts: Why has CCP built so many dams, but the floods are getting worse? Is this flood a natural disaster or a human catastrophe?

Since Jul 2020, southern China has been a world of waters. Rarely reported by the official media is also a tribute to the authorities fighting floods and disaster relief. As for the worries of the people at the bottom–their leaky roofs, their crops drowning in the field, their non-existent government relief–nobody listened. There are even innocent netizens uploading videos of cities in the water, calling them “like a fairyland”. On July 8, the CCP Ministry of Finance allocated 615 million yuan ($88 M) for disaster relief funds to six affected provinces (how much will actually land in its citizens’ pockets for relief is a serious question due to its second nature of corruption and embezzlement). In sharp contrast to this, CCP generously and continuously offers money globally to foreign countries to buy “friendship”. CCP has erased at least $3.4 billion worth of African debt from 2000 to 2019,  according to CARI (China Africa Research Initiative).

In the eyes of ordinary people, this flood was a natural disaster caused by excessive rainfall throughout the country. In fact, the CCP government is the culprit of this flood. The bottom line for dereliction of duty and blind command is CCP’s incompetence and corruption. CCP regards economic benefits as more important than people’s lives. They built dams to generate power, which needs to maintain water on a certain level. They stored water during the downstream dry season, which led to frequent droughts along the Yangtze River in recent years. In the rainy season, water was released to reduce the pressure on the dams, making the downstream floods even worse. According to the video shot by people in affected areas, the dams increased their flood discharge at midnight when people were asleep. Residents have no choice but to wake up and find their homes flooded.

The most despicable evil of this system is: exterminating humanity with fanaticism, bullying the weak with ruthlessness, and lying through their teeth with a clear conscience. As Mr. Steve Bannon commented in the war room live broadcast, CCP is an illegitimate government. Chinese people are its first victims of lies. They promised democracy and the rule of law, but all they have done is rule by the barrel of a gun, and their days are numbered.

As the old Chinese saying goes: There must be a major epidemic after a disaster. While the Chinese people are still suffering from the CCP Virus, there comes the flood. There are many harmful microorganisms in the flood, and the flood itself may also cause pollution of drinking water sources. It is difficult to imagine what kind of epidemic will occur after the flood. To make matters worse, the floods will cover fields along the Yangtze River and Yellow River in China, which we call “mother rivers”, where China’s primary farmland is concentrated. The mid-summer or autumn harvest cannot be guaranteed, and large-scale food shortages are inevitable. Ironically, the CCP government officially announced a GDP growth of 3.2% in the second quarter this year, and there will be a bumper grain harvest in the fall.

According to’s forecast, the next ten days will usher in a peak rainfall (almost 3 feet), covering nearly half of China. In the current flooding situation, can the Three Gorges Dam and rivers in the affected areas withstand such a large amount of precipitation, and will there be more displaced people and more collapsed houses? Without an effective government centered on people, people can only find a way out by their meager power. More often than not, people can only watch their wealth accumulated over the years swept away by the disaster. rain accumulation forecast for the next 10 days from July 17, 2020


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Thank you for this very important update. My heart breaks for the brave citizens of China who have lost loved ones, homes, businesses, and all their possessions. They have been abandoned by their government who has asked for their trust and in turn fed them lies instead of protecting them.
Please God protect the good people in this country. Keep them safe. Grant them freedom to have better control over the safety and security they deserve in their lives.


“Because the internet connection has improved, the internet has allowed flood information to be continuously transmitted to your cell phone, which has caused the illusion of floods becoming more serious.” Jiang Teng, host of Rizhao TV, Shandong Province, said in the news broadcast.
Translation: There is a giant asteroid heading for Earth. It cannot be stopped. It will obliterate all life on Earth. But we promise to give your high speed updates on your cellphone when we will be destroyed!