Global Times Hu Xijin: It Is Crazy for the US to Discuss the Prohibition of CCP Members and Their Families Going to the US

Original title: HU Xijin: It Is Crazy to Discuss the Prohibition of CCP Members and Their Families Going to the United States! It Is Evil to Even Post on Media

07-16-2020,13:45:56   Global Times

According to American media, the Trump administration is discussing a comprehensive ban on all CCP members and their families traveling in the United States. The CCP members and their families already in the United States will be expelled. This is by far Washington’s craziest policy.

Pompeo announced on Wednesday that the most significant challenge for Trump’s second term is the Communist Party of China, which echoes the above-mentioned media.

Since prohibiting all Chinese Communist Party members and family members from traveling to the United States requires an incredible social movement in the United States, not just the simple operation of state institutions, the first thing many people think of is that one of purposes of the Trump administration’s sudden release of these strategies is to help themselves in the upcoming US election. They want to demonstrate unprecedented toughness against China, further inciting hatred of American society against China, and blame all the problems of the United States on China and the Communist Party of China. They tried to achieve re-election of Trump in America with the “hatred of China strategy.”

For the general election, the Trump administration works very hard. It made the United States like a cult country. If the group of those people is “in the evil,” then the strangest tricks may be brought out.  Washington is now doing things without the basic logic of the era of globalization, so it is hard to say whether the United States will implement the crazy idea of ​​banning Chinese Communist Party members from traveling to the United States.

Washington committed crimes against world peace in China-US relations, pushing humanity into the great uncertainty in the 21st century. This happened beyond everyone’s imagination. Let us not try to interpret the hysterics of geopolitical madmen with normal thinking. China needs to accept the reality that the US attitude towards China has fundamentally changed. We need to formulate a firm and rational plan, hold our ground, respond appropriately, and formulated strategies and tactics with the United States in the next few decades.

Such situation will imprint on today’s young people’s life, but this definitely does not mean that their lives wouldn’t be easy as “take a shower then sleep.” The starting point of their lives is completely different from that of Hu Xijin’s generation. They are more powerful and have more Chinese people’s collective wisdom accumulation. They will undertake the most critical mission of China’s rise. They need to create all kinds of miracles  so that China can clear new cases when the United States is engulfed by the corona virous epidemic, and continue to strengthen China’s endurance and tension for long-term competition, integrating China’s external learning and maintaining self-confidence. They also need to solve various problems such as how to unite most countries, make China’s system understood by more people in the western countries, and make Chinese folk patriotism and other countries’ patriotism friendly and compatible with each other.

The future of China rests on young people.

Hu Xijin Weibo

Source: Sina

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