Miles Guo: The world finally awakens, thanks to the Whistleblower’s disclosures

Author: 老姜

Editors: BigMama    Seamoon

On July 14, 2020, Miles Guo emphasized the invaluable information the Whistleblower Movement had presented to the world and actions to be taken by the Western world, especially the U.S. and the European countries.

Incomparable value of the information provided by the Whistleblower Movement 

Miles Guo told people that the Whistleblower Movement made tremendous contributions, including the understanding of the evil nature of the CCP and the serious epidemic situation in the U.S.. All of these are based on accurate intelligence gathered.

The U.S. State Department planned to release the details of the sanctions plan against the CCP last week. However, publication of the plan was delayed since the CCP desperately tried everything in its power to block it. When Dr. Li-Meng Yan was scheduled to appear on the Fox Show, the CCP threatened to shut down Disneyland in Hong Kong and Shanghai. In spite of all of this, Dr. Yan appeared on Fox News yesterday and as a result, the CCP shut down Hong Kong Disneyland in retaliation. Many of my Western politician friends asked me, Miles, you were right again, how did you know that? I answered, I knew, because we have accurate inside information on the CCP.

The Huawei ban, the re-quarantine in Los Angeles and other parts of the United States, and the second wave of the CCP-virus in the U.S. have all proved that our disclosures to Americans were accurate and timely. It once again demonstrates to the world our unique value.

Dr. Yan’s live interview on Fox News yesterday shocked the world again. Her CCP-Virus topics, logical thinking, ability to express herself well in English, interaction and mannerism on Fox News made a deep impression. Especially when she said that “the world doesn’t have much time”. My cell phones almost exploded, because of the number of calls I received from my state leader friends in the Western world. Everyone wanted to know what she meant exactly. Why was it so different from what they knew?

Although both the Western nations and the CCP live in the same world, they never share a common understanding or world view. Even the views on the same topic are miles apart. As if they were isolated by several layers of frosted glass – you are close, yet barely see each other. The CCP has infiltrated the Western world in recent years by using money, sex and misinformation. This serious problem has been exposed by the various disastrous reactions from Western governments and media. However, this demonstrates just how valuable our Whistleblower Movement has become.”

——— Miles Guo

More actions to be taken

Although the world did not react to the CCP’s manipulation and penetration fast enough, they ARE gradually awakening now. What it means is that the CCP will be taken down by all sources gathered from European countries and most importantly, the U.S. and it can start counting down to its doomsday on earth.

Yesterday, Dr. Yan’s appearance on the Fox News also completely united the Western world, especially Europe. Countries like the UK, France, Germany and Spain are united in NATO and will work with the United States to oppose the CCP in the South China Sea area. The Europeans and Americans will also take action to investigate the various penetrations of the CCP at all levels in their societies.

European and American citizens who participated in CCP crimes, colluded with the CCP in various forms, and the CCP’s spies in the West will be subjected to investigation under various laws, including the RICO Act. in the U.S. They will face the full force of the law.

I hope that after the signing of the Hong Kong Autonomy Act by President Trump today, the State Department, led by Secretary Pompeo, will issue the full details of the specific sanctions envisaged. The list names 50 entities and individuals in Hong Kong that publicly supported the Hong Kong Security Law. It includes the CCP State-Owned banks, Hong Kong local banks, Standard Chartered Bank of Hong Kong, HSBC and celebrities. Today is bound to be another extraordinarily good day for us.”

——— Miles Guo

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1 year ago

wake up ourself
wake up our friends
wake up the earth
wake up to take down CCP

1 year ago

Yes HK disneyland was shutdown, how did they do it? Purposely release more CCP virus into HK?


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