Peter Navarro: CCP Weaponizes Virus and Uses Hong Kong and TikTok to Attack America

On Jul. 12, 2020, Mr. Peter Navarro, Assistant to the president for trade and manufacturing policy,  was interviewed by Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures. He said, “… middle of January, we had the unemployment rate down for record lows for black, Hispanic, Asians, women. We were cruising along until the Chinese Communist Party basically hit us with that deadly virus — that weaponized virus. And I don’t think it’s any coincidence. That the first year, that China had a down economy with the same year now they’re coming after us.” “For decades, the Chinese Communist Party uses Hong Kong as a weapon to attack the American manufacturing base and vacuum jobs and capital back to the Chinese mainland … We cannot let Chinese Communist Party use Hong Kong any more to attack the American economy.”

Translator: 【V%】 【Guanghan宝宝】Proofreader:【key】【Michelle】【GM31】 Subtitle:【V%】

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1 year ago

Thank you sir ,CCP is Demon. CCP must be eliminated

1 year ago

CCP is terrible
CCP took away our happy life


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