Preliminary Result of Pan-democratic Primaries: Localist, Pro-protest Camp Earns Majority Votes

The preliminary result of the primary election was released in the evening of July 13 based on the electronic ballots received on July 11 and 12. In most constituencies, localist candidates are expected to win.

The following shows the three most voted candidates in the five geographical constituencies:

West Kowloon: 1. Eddie Chu (Independent) 2. Cheung Ho-sum (Tuen Mun Community Network) 3. Wong Ji Yuet (Independent)

East Kowloon: 1. Joshua Wong
(Independent) 2. Jeremy Tam (Civic Party) 3. Lee Ka-tat (Localist)

New Territories East: 1. Ho Kwai-lam (Independent) 2. Ventus Lau (Localist) 3. Alvin Yeung (Civic Party)

New Territories West: 1. Jimmy Sham (League of Social Democrats) 2. Sunny Cheung (Independent) 3. Claudia Mo (HK First)

Hong Kong Island: 1. Ted Hui (Democratic Party) 2. Tiffany Yuen (Independent) 3. Leung Fong-wai, Fergus (Independent)

Source: InMedia

Contributor: GM02

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Jul. 15, 2020