Miles Guo: Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s heroic action awakens the world

Translation: 老姜

Editors: BigMama    Seamoon

On July 12, 2020, Miles Guo broadcast on GTV sharing important opinions on the latest events and the things to happen, including the heroine Dr. Li-Meng Yan, sanctions on critical figures in Hong Kong and the fear spreading in the CCP’s government.   

Dr. Li-Meng Yan

“Yesterday, July 11, 2020, after Dr. Li-Meng Yan, the brave Chinese virologist who appeared in Fox News, accusing Beijing to cover up the truth of the Covid-19 virus, the world has changed dramatically. Many countries immediately formed state level emergency response team (including members from the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Security, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Intelligence), knowing that the virus is a 100% type of bio-weapon, released by the CCP. Dr. Yan is the legal representative of the WHO and the only authorized official communicator of the CCP government. Dr. Yan, her husband and her supervisor, Dr. Malik Peiris are three of the top five core coronavirus experts in the Hong Kong P3 Lab.

Dr. Yan has great medical professional networks in the industry, and all her communications among these experts have become legal evidence in Europe and America (Our Whistleblower Movement, The LuDe News, and the U.S. government all have the evidence of CCP bio-weapon program and the related recordings of President Xi’s order to use this weapon). So far, no one in the scientific community questioned Dr. Yan’s credentials. The CCP is extremely scared of Dr. Yan’s appearance on Fox News! Dr. Yan will bring out a series of secrets of the truth of this pandemic, including its origination, spreading, and the sources of the truth, etc.

With the double medical doctorate degree + doctor license from mainland China, Dr. Yan has an identity that no one has. She knows the mainland medical system very well. From the hospitals in the mainland to the CDC system, she has extensive contacts and networks. She holds the top secret information of the Hong Kong P3 Lab. She saw some very horrible and confidential research information on Malik’s computer. CCP has been studying how to use different virus to kill human beings to control the entire world. All U.S. senior officials are shocked after reading the documents provided by Dr. Yan. If Fox News dare not to mention that the CCP virus is a actually a bio-weapon in its future shows, the United States is over. President Trump has watched Dr. Yan’s Fox show a dozen times, and he knows all the inside stories behind it. He is very happy to see Dr. Yan’s Fox show finally came out.”

———Miles Guo


“Why no member from the CCP Politburo gets infected by the Covid-19 virus(we called it the CCP-virus) since Jan. 2020?Per our insider information, that is because CCP gave the hydroxychloroquine as a prevention drug for this virus to these leaders, the state and provincial level of executives since December 2019, yet held the truth to its own people and the rest of the world, as a political tool to hold the world as their hostage. Our LuDe Show shared this secret to the world in late Jan., and we confirmed that the CCP issued an access control for the Wuhan National Defense Institute on December 20, 2019, showing that CCP knew exactly what is going on at the time.

After Dr. Yan came out on Fox News, there is great fear among the CCP, government, and its military. There is no real leader nor real MAN in China. Sadly! In the next 3-4 weeks, Dr. Yan will come out in a series of media programs, and it will then enter into the political phase of the CCP eradication, a new leader may rise in China, and then the CCP will be finished, although I won’t say that exact time, let’s see how God will plan CCP’s destiny.”

———Miles Guo

Hong Kong

“The U.S. government will modify its immigration policy for scientists with scientific and intelligence evidence of the Covid-19 coronavirus (CCP-virus), with the protection of their whole family, American citizen status, money support, and global protection. Countries and individuals who shows their support of Hong Kong’s National Security Law, including Li Ka-shing, Carrie Lam, and Hong Kong, mainland China celebrities will all face severe sanction. Carrie Lam is just a CCP’s running dog, precise sanction against CCP Vice President Wang Qishan shall be more effective.

There are 56 rogue countries supporting Hong Kong’s National Security Law, and each individual country will be severely sanctioned by the United States in the future. This is a true disaster for these countries, they shall understand that supporting Hong Kong’s National Security Law is actually supporting terrorism. Hong Kong’s bank deposits and investment funds will be withdrawn in large quantities, and various business programs will be terminated very soon.

The day before yesterday afternoon, I wrote a name list of sanction suggestions to the U.S. government, including Mr. Ma Mingzhe, Chairman of Ping An Group, family of Li Ka-shing, Kwok Tak-seng, Lee Shau-kee, Cheng Yu-tung, the Ping An Group, Minsheng Bank, China Merchants Bank, and a large number of well-known movie stars and entrepreneurs from mainland China and Hong Kong, who publicly supported the Hong Kong National Security Law.”

———Miles Guo

The Whistleblower Movement

“Our Whistleblower Movement has rescued more than 500 Hong Kong Freedom Fighters, who finally arrived in Taiwan, Germany, Australia and Japan respectively. Thanks to the local governments that gave them the maximum security protection and economic support.

I have some advice to the Chinese scientist who has personally participated in this secret bio-weapons project, escaped from China, hiding in a certain European country. You will only be safe if you come to the United States. As long as you are willing to talk to us, the United States can immediately pick you up using Air Force TWO or even ONE. Your colleague has been in the United States for several weeks. A lot of evidence is already in the hands of the U.S. government and I advise you not to hesitate any more. Only by cooperating with the U.S. government, we can then work out a way to save you and your family and reveal the truth to save the world.”

———Miles Guo

What will happen next

Four BIG things will happen in the near future:

  • President Trump will break off his personal relationship with President Xi;
  • The United States will officially announce that the global pandemic has been caused by the CCP-virus;
  • The U.S. dollar will immediately decouple from the Hong Kong dollar and the RMB. All the CCP’s tricks to hold on to the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock markets will break down and these will become worthless. The RMB currency of the CCP will become waste paper;
  • The U.S. military forces in the South China Sea can eliminate the CCP navy and other military forces 10,000 times, if the CCP would dare to challenge them, or play tricks again as they did in the past.

Yesterday, I held off on the good news for everyone, otherwise, you might all get drunk. My fellow friends, freedom fighters in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet, you cannot imagine how the world will come to support and help you.It is unimaginable!

CCP, you are definitely finished!”

———Miles Guo

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CCP lied,USA people died.Take down CCP !
New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

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Action action action!


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