CCP’s Confucius Institute Disguised Under New Name

Beijing abandoned its Confucius Institute brand after a global backlash over censorship to switch to a new look as the Centre for Language Exchange and Cooperation, while its headquarters, or Hanban, had changed its name to the Ministry of Education Centre for Language Education and Cooperation. Whether it is a Confucius Institute or Language Exchange and Cooperation, its fundamental purpose is not to promote Chinese culture, but to cultivate overseas CCP forces and launch attacks against the free countries where it is deemed as necessary.

In 2004, CCP established its first Confucius Institute in Seoul. After more than ten years of development, the Confucius Institute has spread all over the world like an infectious disease. In 2013, The Ministry of Education of China promoted the Confucius Institute Development Plan (2012-2020), claiming that by 2015 the global Confucius Institutes will expand to 500, and the global layout would be completed by 2020. By 2018 there were 548 institutes and nearly 2,000 Confucius classrooms in 154 countries, most of which are embedded in foreign universities or institutions.

However, in fact, during the construction of the Confucius Institute, many countries and universities opposed the establishment of the Confucius Institute. For example, when the University of Chicago established the Confucius Institute in 2009, 174 professors from the school issued a joint statement against the Confucius Institute. Sweden also announced to close all Confucius Institutes recently. The reason why Confucius Institutes are getting more and more resistance abroad is mainly because the content they are teaching carries malicious and ruthless political agenda. Ms. Zhao, a Chinese teacher from China, once pointed out that the Confucius Institute in Canada asked her to conceal her religious beliefs and she was not allowed to talk with students about these topics. In addition to violating human rights when hiring teachers, the Confucius Institute also promotes Taiwan’s sovereign status and twists the facts of the Korean War.

In other words, the CCP does not respect foreign cultures at all, and the Confucius Institute has no independence or impartiality in deciding who to hire. They merely brainlessly copied the traditional Chinese education tailored to CCP’s needs, completely ignoring the academic freedom of Western countries or the common values of the free world.

Concerns about destroying national security is also one of the reasons why Confucius Institutes have negatively attracted the attention of Western countries. Reports indicate that the CCP has tried to build Confucius Institutes in most schools and colleges across Canada. These colleges are managed by agents outside the embassy in order to make the impression that the embassy or consulate does not intervene.

Why are powerful Western countries afraid of Chinese propaganda? As we all know, primary and secondary school students are at a time when their critical thinking is under dynamic changes, and they are forging the capability of distinguishing good from evil. They can be easily misled by disinformation. Some teachers of Confucius Institute, while teaching Chinese to foreign students, promote the short-term prosperity of China’s economy and faulty ideologies that the so-called economic success by taking advantage of its own people or other countries is achieved under the “leadership of the CCP”. Such disinformation will make some students think that the problems in the US economy should be attributed to the lack of strength of the Democratic or Republican government. Therefore, to truly solve the economic problems of the United States, we should learn from China, and we must strengthen the leadership and the role of the government, which is the very opposite of the systems that the founding fathers had set up to make America the best and strongest economy in the world in human history. Once school students accept such an ideology, this future generation will advocate that the government should be involved in everything when they grow up. Following that, democracy in the United States will disappear, and the tolerance level of criticism will shrink until there is only one voice left: the lie. It is troubling to imagine what American government this might be. The United States may become “People’s Republic of America” by mirroring the horrific reality of PRC. The United States may further become an “American People’s Democratic Republic” as a “state will not be a country”. This is as inviting a guest to your house for dinner, and this guest who has no manner started teaching your kids about getting rich by deception and robbery. Will you be disgusted or remotely concerned? 

In addition, the CCP has invested a lot of money in the establishment of the Confucius Institute. In 2009 alone, the investment had reached $140 M. The CCP will never make a deal without profit. The benefit of such aggressive investment is, the children of CCP officials will have an excuse to flee abroad, promoting communism to Western countries, and taking the opportunity to steal intellectual properties from US colleges.

Nowadays, among the international criticisms, the CCP renamed the Confucius Institutes to Language Exchange and Cooperation, but the nature of it being a liar has not changed. Now, there are still many schools that are not aware of the potential hazards of the Confucius Institutes. We need to learn the lessons from Stalin and other dictators of communist regimes, and to not be fooled by such false advertisement. 


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1 year ago

in name of Confucius, CCP brainwash the world……

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