CCP Redefines “Employment” to Manipulate Unemployment Rate

Recently, one of the hottest topics is in higher education. The Students and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) announced modifications to the temporary exemption for nonimmigrant students taking online classes in the US. In China, the Ministry of Education announced auditing the employment rate for 2020 college graduates. It also decided to revise the “college graduates employed” definition to include more controversial jobs into the employment rate calculation. All these actions perfectly show that CCP is good at manipulating data to deceive Chinese people and the world.

At the end of June, the Ministry of Education announced the “Ministry of Education Notice on Auditing Employment Data for 2020 College Graduates “, which provided very detailed instructions to colleges and universities on college graduates’ employment statistics, and strictly prohibited fraud on the employment rate. The Notice emphases that it is forbidden to link the graduation certificates with the signing of employment contracts (some universities won’t issue graduation certificates until students have successfully found jobs) . The Ministry of Education entrusted the National Bureau of Statistics to do two rounds of auditing on the college graduates’ employment data provided by the college in June and August.

It is a story that repeats every year. Since 2014, the General Office of the State Council and the Ministry of Education have issued red-headed documents of the same content every year.  But the employment rate of college graduates has been fraudulent in all these years. Many colleges claimed that they had reached more than 98%, even 100% graduate employment rate last year from the table below. 

The reality is far below the claimed statistical data. There are many complaints from netizens. “I studied law at my university, and we need to have the judicial test scores to apply for the job. When graduating, most of my classmates did not have a job offer.  One day our counselor asked us to sign a tripartite agreement with a beauty salon”. Some netizens mentioned that many students purchased fake job offer from the Printshop outside the school in order to get their graduation certificate when they graduated. 

Data fabrication is one of the most effective ways for CCP to control Chinese people. Chinese colleges must also falsify to survive. The quality of CCP’s higher education is questionable because it focuses not on promoting skills, innovation or creativity but instead on brainwashing for its political agenda, and the course curriculum could not meet the job market demand. Privileged people with certain family ties or social status occupy excellent job opportunities. On the other hand, the newly graduate employment rate is an essential factor for colleges to attract students for admission, apply funds from the government, and keep the reputations. The colleges regard raising the employment rate as an administrative task. Many colleges have adopted the mean of cutting corners and committing fraud, such as calling internship opportunities as job offers, arranging the agent companies to forge employment contract, and encouraging students to buy counterfeit offers. 

The economic environment now is particularly harsh. Job opportunities for college students are even more scarcer. There will be 8.74 million college graduates in 2020, which reached a record high. Compared with last year, the open job opportunities in the enterprises have dropped by 27%.  The Journalism and Communication College of the South China University of Technology revealed that as of May 25, the undergraduate employment rate was 35.17%, and the graduate employment rate was 48.53%. Moreover, with the withdrawal of multinational companies from China, the bankruptcy of many small and medium-sized private enterprises, college students’ employment situation will become worse and worse in the future. 

The CCP Ministry of Education revised the “college graduates employment” definition recently to make the unemployment rate looks more decorative. Many new categories are counted towards employment statistics, such as “self-employment” and “freelancing”, opening an online shop, writing blogs, online broadcasting, and eGaming and eSports. 

Auditing the employment rate of college graduates has become a number game. Many netizens are commenting on the Internet: “Is online stock trading at home considered employment?” “The employment rate is made up by the National Bureau of Statistics. ” The fraud of employment data is a part of the whole society’s dishonesty, which makes people blindly confident. CCP could easily manipulate the Chinese people’s patriotism and kidnap them as cannon fodder to threaten the world’s security.

The fraudulent employment rate would have a profound social impact. It cultivates dishonesty, which affects social values. For college students, no job and fake action would cause enormous pressure. There is an old saying in China that doing many things bad will lead to self-defeating. We hope that more intelligent Chinese people will identify CCP’s false and ugly behaviors. Let us act to clean our homes.


Cover photo from:大学生就业的定义

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